chp 1.

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Kate POV.

I wake up, ugh its Monday.

I get up and head over to my closet and decide to just wear a black skater skirt, with a white crop top, and my white vans. For my hair I just brush it through. I don't really wear make up, only lip gloss, and a bit of blush.

I look in the mirror.

Kate- Well at least you tried Katherine.

I'll always be ugly no matter what.

Hey, my name is Katherine Sarah Fayee Roberts. I'm 17 years old, I was born in London, but at the age of 10 I moved here to New Jersey. I have brunette colored hair, with some streaks of blonde, blue eyes, and I'm the definition of ugly.
[A/N] Barbara Palvin is not ugly btw

Today is my first last year if High School.
I plan on going to Yale next year. Or so I hope.

I head downstairs and notice everyone is asleep, I'm not too surprised considering its 6:02 am.

I quickly grab a granola bar, and my school bag and head outside, it was a bit too chilly for a skirt today. I totally began to regret it.

I begin to take a bite of my granola bar when all of a sudden I trip. Well I didn't make myself trip, someone did.

Ryan- Ha stupid whore!

Yelled Ryan, one of the million people who bully me.

I pick myself up and continue making my way to school. After 10 minutes of walking I made it too school, only knowing to expect the worst.

I walk in and everyone begins to give me disgusted looks. I begin to regret wearing this, I probably look ridiculous.

I walk faster, and then I see demons, my hear begins to race.

They both give me death glares, and race to me, picking me up and throwing me in the trash can.

Grayson- He nice one bro!

Ethan- You couldn't have done it any better!

They both laugh, and I begin to tear up. After a while the crowd disappears.

I quickly get out of the trash can, I realize trying to impress today was a waist of time, my white crop top now had coffee stains all over it, and it smelled horrible.

I groan, and head over to Mr.Watson's class, my first class.

I walk in,

Mr.Watson- Late again Miss. Fayee!

Kate- I-I was um, having soame problems.

He rolls his eyes at me, and points to an empty seat next to Daisy. A kind girl, or so I heard.

I take my seat, and notice how Daisy looks like, she's blonde, light green eyes, and amazing figure. Practically the definition of beautiful. She's also the Cheerleader team captain adopted sister. I heard Daisy is some what popular.

She looks at me, and smiles.

Daisy- I've never really noticed you before, I'm sorry if I sound rude.

Kate- No it's fine, no one really notices me anyways.

Daisy- Whats your name?

Kate- Katherine, but I perfer Kate.

Daisy- Daisy incase you didn't know.

Mr.Watson- Miss. Fayee! Detention for talking in class!

Everyone begins to cheer.

Daisy- Sorry I'll make it up you. Starbucks on Friday?

I nod and she gives me a weak smile.
Kate POV.

I make my way to detention.

I walk inside the class, and notice no one, only Mrs.Sanders. I sigh in relief.

Mrs.S- Take a seat sweetie.

I do as told, and take out my glasses and book. I begin to read but then something catches my attention, more like someone.
Ethan Dolan.

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