pt 40.

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Was all Serena read which confused her she gained weight, ate weird foods and even had mood swings she was confused on how she wasn't pregnant.

"This has to be wrong I look like a fucking panda with all this weight am I really not pregnant?" She spoke to herself looking up in the mirror putting the tests down.

"That's what it say aint it?" La'Paris said slickly as her head turned towards him.

"Don't get slick with me nigga I don't care about you being mad or whatever but you not gon disrespect me especially on my worse day"

"I suggest you shut the fuck up before I fuck you up" she spoke with more demeanor.

He licked over his lips keeping quiet to be honest he wasnt going to piss her off more but he still wanted to talk.

"Stupid ass" she mumbled shaking her head.


Omar huffed seeing Sahil the guard from the prison on his front porch.

He looked more different his tattoo's were out he had piercings in his ears jewelry even glasses everything it was like a whole 180°.

He cracked the door open seeing Sahil rolling his tongue over his bottom row teeth.

"Stop looking at me like that" Sahil spoke tilting his head.

"Nigga I told you ian want shit to do with you all that was temporary"

"Temporary?" He chuckled shaking his head biting his lip.

"You remember the time I was sitting in my office during y'all lil 'bedtime' and you came running begging and pleading for my dick on your knees and everything horny as ever when I finally gave in you was all holly and jolly ready for it..moaning my name, gripping onto my arms, riding my dick but thats temporary" he spoke tilting his head.

"I just said that none of that don't mean shit to me" Omar denied feeling a rough grip onto his throat.

"Why the fuck you playing with me Mar?" He asked pulling him closer.

"Ain't nobody playing c-chillout" he stuttered feeling the tension.

"Youn want this right? You like pussy and fucking bitches and shit but you was just getting bent over less than 24 hours ago"

Sahil licked over his lips laughing to himself.

"Ill leave you alone doe" he spoke letting him go.



Nadia hummed walking over to her son's crib with a smile on her face she knew he hated getting woken up from his sleep but he needed to eat and bathe.

"Tinka wake up handsome" she cooed slowly rubbing his back noticing his body wasnt moving.

She furred her eyebrows carefully picking him up seeing his chest wasn't moving and she felt no heartbeat.

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