Grumpy x Sunshine Love Trope (SFW)

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"Haha! No way! That's so funny!" You laughed as your guy (emphasis on the guy) seatmate told you a joke.

He was about to tell you another one ('coz he loved your laugh), when you felt someone grab your wrist, dragging you out of the classroom.

It was your grumpy and reserved boyfriend.

He angrily stared at you, furrowing his eyebrows, all while he still held your wrist.

"Oh hi! My cute and handsome boyfriend!" You smiled, completely ignoring his angry demeanor.

He grumbled, trying to hide his small smile, "'M not cute.."

"Hmm.. but you are though. My cute big baby." You giggled as you hugged your life-sized teddy bear.

"So, why'd you drag me out here hm? Missed me?" You teased, resting your chin on his chest.

Well... his original plan was to tell you a joke to prove that your seatmate wasn't the only who can be funny.

He also wanted to make you laugh himself.

But all of that is forgotten, ever since you said 'Oh hi'.

He lightly nodded to respond to your question.

You giggled as you stood on your tippy toes to place a short kiss on his lips.

"I missed you too." (Ahah okay you lovebirds.. we get it. #respectthesingles)

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