Wattpad Hack

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Hey so we hacked Hannah's wattpad (we're her friends).

So yeah that was Summer you know from the book and this is Bekah.

Since we hacked this we're just gonna talk to y'all for awhile since we're in 2nd period being bored at school!!!

So you will know who is typing because my typing is not bold Summer's is. Hannah can't get on Wattpad right now so she doesn't know we are doing this and she probably won't for awhile.

Nowwwwwwww tune in for this special advertisement brought to you by @Brownysxx and @Rose__Wolf_0408 we Hope you enjoy and don't leave just hang in there.One more thing really fast is I hope no one from my school reads this.

So yeah go read our books.

My book names are:Love Has No Escape and One Shots.Yeah so go and read them...

Be careful when you read Love Has No Escape me and my boyfriend die and Summer gets her heart broken then kidnapped, but otherwise it is a good book.

This class is soooooo boring we have nothing to do other than this.Well we could do work,but I'd rather not.

Summer no one cares about how bored we are in class. My talking is short Summer is very talkative and writes entire paragraphs of crap for you all to read. But whatever bye peoples.

Goodbye I actually really do need to do my math for math encore.I really don't want to though,but whatever.Byeeee!!!<3xx

She is so boring doing math instead of typing it's weird.

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