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"Ek cheez abhi bhi same hai ! "His voice cracked up and i furrown "kia? " i asked lowly and he smile "our love for each other !" He said and my heart skipped a beat !

"I don't love you !" I said with cracked voice ! "You want me to get married so i can be happy like before ! And you want all this thing cause you want me to move on amsal ! Aj bhi main wahin khara hun jahan tm mjhe chor k gayin thin ! " his each word hit me like a truck !

"Surprised how i know all the matter !? " he asked sarcastically and now i'm scared of him ! How he know about my heart "tm wapis sirf mere liye ayi ho ! Aur shadi tmhen se krun ga ! He said and my eyes went wide !
"I can't marry you i told mona and you before that i'm a widow !" I said as my voice cracking in my thoart ! He came closer to me and he bend a lil to be my size ! His eyes were priecing in my eyes ! His face waa like 3 inches away from mine ! When he took a sharp breath "i don't care ! " i said and i could feel his warm breath on my face!

I was so lost in his eyes ! And for a moment i felt like there's no one between us ! "Maa see i'm done !" I heard zee speaking ! I lil push shehry, but he was enough strong ,he didn't move a lil "mera beta araha hai hato shehry ! " i said in an annoying tone .

He smirk ! I smile back and he took a step back ! I turn and saw zee ! He show me his book ! I was checking his work when shehry whisper in my ear "Bs ye batana chahta hun aj nahi tou kal ! Apko shadi k liye mana hi lun ga! Wada raha apse!" He said all filled with sass ! And left the room .

Kia mjhe shehry se shadi krleni chahiye ? Kahen us k sath ghalat na ho !

Shehry's pov

As i walked out from amzy's room ! I headed to my room but then i thought to speak mama about this but i have to tackle it !

I walked down and saw khala jaan sitting on the counter making salad i guess ! And mama was making biryani !

Wahhh ji itne achi baat biryani k sath !
"Mama aj biryani ? Emm something special ? " i asked and she turn towards me ! "Nahi bs wo amsal ko psnd ho tou socha bna lun !" She said and smile widely ! "Waise beta jao aur amsal ko neeche bula lao ! " mama said, i felt glad that she order me . i noded my head as an obidient son !

I walked upto her room ! She was sitting on her bed thinking something ! Probably about me ! An instant smile came to my face ! "Emmm amsal ? " i spoke up! She turn towards me with all blank face ! "Hmm ? " she hummed and my heart just fell like flowing in the clouds !

" Mama bula rahi hain !" I said as a smile was stuck on my face ! "Why are you smile like bugs bunny ?"  She asked and made a horrible face ! "Because i love bugs bunny ! " i said and she chuckle a lil . "tm smile krte hoe acheey lagte ho ! Aisee smile kiya kro ! Chahe main hun ya nahi !" She lowly said the last part .

I walked upto the bed and sat with her "see amzy ye smile tb tk rehti hai jb tm mere sath hoti ho ! Air tb nahi hoti jb tm mere sath nahi hotin " i said and looked down ! She strech my cheek and said "29 year but still you behave like a kid ! Mera zee tmse ziada achi baatain krta hai ! " she said and i chuckle .

"Amzy ab kbhi mat jana mjhse door! " i said and she looked away "main kuch nahi keh sakti mjhe zindagi pe yakeen nahi!" She said as her eyes went glassy .

I was about to say something when i heard maha's voice "bhai khana lag gaya hai ! " she said but i stopped her "maha ruko baat suno !" I said and she turn with an annoying face "g bhai bolen !" .

"Tmhen amsal kaise lagti hai ? " i asked and she sigh deeply and was about to leave the room when amsal spoke up "kia hogaya hai maha jb se ayi hun tm mjhse mile bhi nahi !" .

"Kyun k main nahi chahti k ap agr phir humen chor k jayen tou mjhe takleef ho ya mere bhaiyoun ko !" She said and left the room ! I turn towards amzy ,felt kind a bad for her cause i asked this question in front of her .

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