Amzy's pov

I was sitting with mona in the drawing room laughing after along time ! I looked at her and smile ! "Amsal tmne shehry ki bisti ki aj ? " she asked and i furown deeply and shook my head !

Shehry was sitting on the other sofa opposite to me ! I shot a look at him ! And he looked busted . "emm shehry ne mjhe call thi ! Tou jb main ne iski besti ki tou isne kaha tha k tmne bhi iski bisti ki ! " she said and we both cracked up laughing ! Ohhh then i remember how i slam the door when he came to the balcony .

"Emm besti nahi ki thi ! Kuch logon k alfaz hi bht sakht the ! K darwaza zoor se bnd krna para ! " i said with gritted teeth and mona looked at me with meaning full look !

"Mere khayal se humen room main chal k baatain krne chahiyen !" She said and i stood with her and walked upto the guest room ! I laid on my bed ! she sat next to me and laid adil on the bed ! "Ab bol tm dono k beech kia huwa ? " she asked and i sigh deeply !

I told her everything what happened in shehry's room . she frown and i smile weakly "ghalat nahi kaha usne mona ! Magr us k bolne ka tarreka ghalat tha ! " i said and she looked disappointed .

"Tmne phir kuch nahi kaha ? Right? Matlb tm ne use thapar tk nai mara ? " she asked in an amused tone ! I shook my head in a no ! "Wait let me call shehry here ! " she said ! Before i could protest she called shehry !

He came in the room , i looked away as i don't want to fell for him again ! "Aoo shehry bed pe betho naa ! " she said and shehry sat on the edge of the bed ! "Hunnnhhh yar 5 saal bd dono milee ho ! Kia larai hai yaar ? Ab dekho ek dusre ko ! Tm maa ho ek bachey ki ! Aur tm shehry matlb tm rude tou ho hi gaye the amsal k jane k bd ! Matlb limits hi cross krdi ! " she scold both of us , and i looked down !

" yar purani chezein bhul k age barho ! Aur amsal ne ghalat nai bola ! Budhe ho k shadi kro ge ! Yar mjhe bhi phupo bna hai ! Why don't you get that ! " she said and shehry opened his mouth to say something but mona again spoke up ! "I'm not finish yet ! " she said and shehry closed his mouth .

"Tm jald as jald shadi kr rahe ho ! Warna ap se mera koi talluq nahi ! " she said to shehry and i upper my gaze ! "Even ap bhi shehry ki shadi k bd shadi kr rahi hain ! " she said and i frown at her statement !

"I can't marry ! I'm a freaking widow ! And i can't bare to love someone again ! I'm not gonna marry ! " i yell at her and her face started fluming in anger ! "Okay so fall in love with that guy whome you loved once ! " she said and now my eyes started pool up !

I stood and went to the bathroom ! I splash some cold water on my face ! "Shehry tm kyun ab tk shadi nahi ki ? Kyun k tm hamesha amsal ka intezar krte rahe ! " mona said and i could clearly hear them in the bathroom ! "But mona! " he said and mona yell on him "shehry zindagi main hr kise ko dusra mouka nahi milta give her some time ! " she said and i felt like someone stabbed my heart !

Main  phir se tmse mohabbat nahi kr sakti shehry ! Phir se takleef se nahi guzar sakti ! Tm mjhse achi koi deserve krte ho !

I walked out from the washroom ! Both turn towards me and smile brightly "amzy ab mjhe chalna chahiye yaar i'm so tired !" Mona said and i noded my head ! She hugged me and left !

Now again awkward situation its only me and shehry in the room with thick silence !

"I'm sorry " he said with an apologetic tone ! I turn to face him "in past three years i went through so much pain and puddles of tension ! I was alone no one to speak with me ! My husband died ! I tried my best to save him but i failed ! Is main mera kia kasoor tha? Tmhara "sorry" mere zukham bhar nahi sakta shehryaar ! I'm sorry that i thought that you were the same shehryaar who use to be my best buddy ! Time changed everthing changed ! Humari shakal k elawa kuch same nahi ! " i said as a tear rapidly roll down from my eye! He looked at me with a hurt expression !

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