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I wake up feeling in a pretty good mood. The sunlight is pouring through the slightly opened curtains and I can hear the birds chirping. I pat the spot beside me, for some reason thinking that Harry would be there. Of course he's not. I slide out of the bed and walk to the bathroom. Brushing my teeth and debating on getting dressed.

I decide against it, if we're going anywhere I will just quickly change. I walk down the stairs, expecting Louis and Harry to be in the kitchen or living room, but finding them in neither places. As I get closer to the kitchen table I notice a note. I pick it up and read it over.

Louis and I are out hunting, shouldn't be gone long. Hope you had a good sleep. All the love H xx.

I smile at the note and toss it in the trash can. Butterflies flutter through my stomach at the thought of Harry. I really do wish to be with him. Why do things have to be so complicated? I sigh and rub my temples. My stomach growls and I realize just how hungry I am.

I walk over to the fridge and pull out the milk. Opening the cupboard and pulling out the box of fruit loops cereal. I grab a bowl and pour in the cereal then milk. I am a freak for cereal. I could eat it everyday for all my meals. Once I put away the cereal and milk I grab a spoon and head towards the table. I take a seat and devour my fruit loops in less than 5 minutes.

I get up and quickly do my dishes and the ones from lastnight. Louis and Harry should be back soon, hopefully. Feeling bored I decide on getting dressed. I climb up the stairs and into my bedroom, going over to my dresser and pulling out a pair of jean high waisted shorts with little rips and a plain black crop top, with black converses to match.

I quickly change and head into the bathroom to apply my makeup. For some reason I feel the need to impress Harry. I apply a light shimmery eyeshadow and then a simple winged eyeliner. I pull out my light pink baby lips and apply it to my lips. Satisfied with my makeup I move onto my hair, grabbing my straightener and plugging it in.

I can't remember the last time I straightened my hair. I gently pull the straightener through my brown hair, ridding it of any messy and unwanted waves it may have. Once I am finished I brush my teeth again and spray some perfume on. I look at myself in the mirror and smile. I look pretty nice.

I go back downstairs and stop in the living room doorway when I hear the phone ringing. I walk over and Niall's name is flashing across, I press talk and put it to my ear.

"Hey Niall." I say into the phone as I take a seat on the black couch.

"Hey Skye, is Harry home?" His Irish accent greets through the phone.

"No, him and his friend Louis are out hunting. Need me to give him a message?" I take a piece of my hair and start twirling it. Such a girl move.

"No. I was just wondering if you would want to hangout with Courtney and go shopping or whatever girls do."

My jaw drops. Courtney and I can actually hangout someplace other than Harry or Niall's house? We could go shopping? I haven't been shopping in so long. A smile sweeps my face. "Yes! That'd be great." Harry walks through the door and gives me a puzzled look when he hears the excitement in my voice. I mouth 'it's Niall' and he walks over to me.

"Harry's here now."

"Could you give him the phone?" Niall asks.

I hand Harry the phone and he takes it before seating beside me on the couch. Harry nods and mumbles 'mhm', before handing the phone back to me to put it back on the charger. I stare up at him expectantly.

"You're acting like I'm you're master or something." Harry laughs.

"Well, that's what you called yourself when you first kidnapped me." I shyly say.

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