Pain that holds us tighter together

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My eyes opened and I could feel how empty my body was

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My eyes opened and I could feel how empty my body was.

I could no longer feel her inside me.

She was gone.

“Oh goodie, you're awake,” Rosario smiled and I looked her. My eyes then roam around the room.

It seemed like I was in an operation room of old hospital.

“You like?” Rosario asked while looking around.

“Apparently this is where it all happened. Where I lost my parents and where I lost my baby and my husband. My life, everything I had I lost it right here,”

“Right here because of you!”

“You are fucking crazy!” I shouted.

I felt a sharp pain and I remembered that the bullet went through Lorenzo then me.

The reason why I can no longer feel my baby


“Calm down tiger,” she grins at me

“Are you might hurt yourself or the baby,” she said while placing her hand on my tummy

“Oh wait. There is no baby anymore,” she said and I looked away.

Tears ran poured for my eyes as my aches from a heartbreak.

“Now that's what I want to see,” she said and I looked back at her.

“You’ll regret this, you'll regret you didn't born and you'll wish your mother had swallow you,” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“How are you even-”

“Still breathing. Well I was wearing a bullet proof vest silly,” she grinned.

Fucking psychopath

I tried moving but it was no use since I was tied to an operation bed.

“You know I wanted to be doctor but my dad had other plans for me,” she said

“He said Rosario you are the mafia princess and you have to be the queen now that your brother is gone,” she said

“James died and left everything on his little sister,” she said and my body froze.



He the Brazilian mafia

“A little selfish don't you think,” she asked while turning to look at me.

“Ahh. I'm I boring you Regina?” she asked

“Don’t worry we're about to spice things up,” she said before opening my rob.

I looked down and a bandage was on my left side.

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