A life for another

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“Is my baby okay?”

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“Is my baby okay?”

“Yes miss Valentino,” the doctor and I sighed.

“You fainted because stress and low blood pressure,” he said and I closed my eyes.

I reopen my eyes and he stepped aside with Lorenzo.

I sat up and Lorenzo looked at me. “I’m okay,” I said and he looked at the doctor.

I looked at Ariana and she smiled. “He really loves you,” she said

“And I love him as much as he loves me,” I said and Sawyer walked in.

“They brought Saige back,” he said


Soon the doctor walked out and Lorenzo walked over to us. He wrapped his arms around me and placed a kiss on my forehead.

The door opened and dad walked in.

“You and you my office now,” he said before leaving.

“Someone looks angry,” I said before looking at Sawyer as he looks at me.

“What did we do?” we both ask at the same time.

“Nothing,” we both answered.

“I thought when Lorenzo and I did this it sounded weird to everyone but hearing you two it's super weird since you two aren't even twins,” Ariana said

I sighed before walking to the door. “Let's go the lion waits it's den,” I said and Sawyer walked towards me.

We walked to dad's office and a guard opened the door.

“Sit,” he said and we looked at Sawyer and mom.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I sat down

“Before I start talking is there any secrets you two are keeping from us that we should know,” dad asked

“I guess it depends-”

“This is not a joke Royalty,” mom said and I nod.

“I don't,” Sawyer said

“Duh you're an open books. No offense,” I said and Saige agreed.

“Are we also an open book?” mom said asked as she pointed at yourself and dad.

“No but Sawyer-”

“Saige was pregnant at the age of seventeen and I'm knowing this now,” mom said and I looked at Saige.


“Kept it from us. Your sister was seventeen Royalty you should have come to us,” mom said

“I’m sorry but it wasn't my secret to tell,” I said.

“Thank you for assuring me that neither of you can trust me or your father,” mom said before standing up.

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