Lisa P.o.v

My Cousins PentHouse

Chapter -45

Yesterday was mad crazy , I came home with two suit case full of clothes!

Like out of all the clothes maybe three or four belong to me but most of it were for the twins.

After realizing that all the clothes Divine & Cheren bought they noticed all the clothes wasn't going to fit in the stroller , and we'd get tired of holding the twins all day so Cheren bought the suitcase and placed all the clothes in there.

Now imagine me carrying all that up the stairs after I got home.

That thing was beyond heavy , then I had to go back down the stairs and pick up two sleeping babies and put them in they cot.

I rubbed my hair with my towel after just washing my hair , I had nothing planned for today just the twins and I.

Mom had left three hours prior to go to work , she actually left me five dollars. ¬_¬

Yeah , I would make myself some foods and as for the twins Divine bought them a supply of baby food.

I actually woke up today and thanked God ! He bright the most perfect strangers into my life to help me out when I needed it the most. I would never doubt my Lord again.

I creamed and Lotioned my skin with coco butter , I put on some bleached High waisted jeans that I got yesterday and a red tube top leaving only some of my stomach visible.

I put on my long Elmo red socks and went sliding through my house since it was quite cold in here since the air conditioner was blasting.

When I finally had enough fun and bust my ass enough times , I went and checked on the twins. Them little monkeys had been sleeping for time ! Xion was crawling in his cot looking confused and trapped and Liam the lazy baby he was just laying there looking at the ceiling.

I laughed taking them both out their cots , I learned to carry both them down the stairs even door they get heavier by the day.

I brought them down stairs into the living room and went to make both them a bottle , them came back Anne handed it to them seeing as they know how to hold it on their own.

I laid on the couch , I felt so freaking tired over doing nothing all day that shit was tiring and boring.

Plus I wasn't working today so I really had nothing to do.

I put the twins in the play own so I know they couldn't crawl anywhere I couldn't see and turned the TV to the baby cartoon channel then laid back on the couch.

I slowly fell asleep but no less then ten minutes later I heard a knock at the door and sighed !

Freaking Jehovah Witness , it's Saturday not even Sunday stop knocking at my door !

I didn't even get up I just shifted on the couch and the way I was laying.

Then the banging got harder and all of a sudden they discovered my door bell and started ringing that shit like they lost they God damn mind !

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