Chapter: Two

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I was roughly pulled out of my sleep when I felt strong hands grasp my shoulders.
My eyes shot open and I was about to scream when a hand covered my mouth.

I looked up and saw Tyler's lust filled brown eyes boring into mine. His hands tightened when he leaned down,
"Stop fucking squirming!" His breath smelled foul and I shifted under his weight.

"Whah are yoo foing?!" I tried yelling but it came out all muffled.

He snickered and leaned closer, his lips began trailing across my jaw.

I made a kind of squealing sound and wriggled under him.

What is happening?!

My room was still dark and I couldn't see anything except for the small strip of light coming from my alarm clock and I could only feel his body pressed down on mine while his hands roamed freely.

His palm connected with my face, making me cry out.
"I said stop squirming!"

A sob escaped my mouth and I could only lay still as tears gathered in my eyes.

Tyler slowly lifted his hand to move the blankets which were the only thing separating us besides our clothes and I felt my heart race a mile a minute when he began pulling off his shirt.

"No!" I began but, against my protests, he threw the shirt onto the ground and started on his pants.

While he was semi distracted, I pushed myself out from under him and made a desperate dash for the door. Tyler had never tried to do anything like this to me, always just hit me. I never thought they would even stoop this low.

I reached the door but was knocked down when something hard hit my back. A pained cry left my mouth and I fell to the ground, Tyler taking this opportunity to resume his position. I was only in a large shirt and panties and he was only wearing his boxers.

"Tyler, pl-please don't!" I sobbed out but it was like he didn't even hear me since he held my arms above my head tightly and spread my legs with his knee.

"Don't!" Shaking my head furiously and struggling against his hold, but it was no use. Monique and Robby wouldn't help me.

What if the neighbours heard me yelling? They would help right?

"Help!" I screamed when I felt his free hand travel up my thigh and his lower half press down on mine.

"Help, please!"

"Shut up!" His fist came down and I felt pain explode in my shoulder.

Before I knew what was happening, he put a sock in my mouth and I couldn't make a sound.

"This would be a lot easier if you just stop moving!" He ground out as his breath fanned across my wet face.

I shook my head again, praying this was a nightmare and I would wake up any second now.

He grunted when he grind his hard lower half on mine, ripping off my shirt to reveal my naked chest.

All you could hear was my quiet sobs and his groans and grunts as he pulled off my panties and pushed himself forcefully into me.

His hands touched me everywhere and his mouth traveled over my body as he thrusted.

Eventually, he pulled out of me and let me go, walking out of my room and leaving me on the floor as I cried.

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