Pam's POV
"HELLO OO-K!" yelled Michael once we were out the plane.
"Oo-k?" I asked.
"Yup, OO-K!"
The group crossed a wide door and screams filled the whole room.
There were about 300 girls waiting for the guys.

"Who are those?" A fan yelled with a sueprficial tone, pointing at Clary and me.
"Yeah, what are you doing with our boys?" Another one said.
I was scared.
I felt like this girls could easily jump the metal fence that held them back and run at me.

That's when I felt fingers getting interwined with mine.
I looked up at Luke, who stared at me with worried eyes.
"Are you okay, princess?"
"Yeah." I exhaled.
"Don't worry. They're just jealous because they can't be you." He smiled and moved our interwined hands up to his mouth so he could kiss the front part of my hand.
Jesus, I can't. Why is he so perfect?

Some "awwwns" could be heard from where the fans were standing and also some "ewws" or insults.
But I was starting not to care.
If I had Luke with me, everything was going to be okay.

"Luke, can I have a picture please?"
"Hey, Michael, an autograph!"
"Zayn, a picture!"
"Harry, can you say hi to the camera? It's for my friend!"
"Calum, you're so sexy! Omg."
"Omg, omg I can't believe it! Niall, I love you so much."
"Liam, do you love me?"

Clary and I stayed behind of the boys while the haters stared at us with the tipical "i will kill you" looks.
I'm not gonna lie.
I felt intimidated.
It was horrible.

I kept on praying for the lads to hurry up because I was intensely afraid and tired.
It had been a long flight.

"Pam!" Someone yelled my name.
As a reflex I turned my gaze in every direction to see who had been.
"Pam, Clary!" Again.
I spotted a group of girls who were making signs with their hands at us to get closer.
At first, I wasn't sure if I should go. Who knows? Maybe they wanted to kick me or something.

I glanced at Clary and, talking with our eyes, like just best friends can, we decided to go together.
"Hey." I shyly said.
"OMG! Can we have a picture with you guys?"
"Ummm... Sure?" Clary said, sounding more like a question than an answer.
The girl held up her phone with the frontal camera on and took like 50 selfies.
"Thank you so much! Oh, and congratulations for being with Luke and Ash! It can be clearly seen that they love you a lot."
"Thank you." We both said at a time.

"Hey, Pamela." Another person yelled and I turned to where the voice came.
As I did, I felt an incredibly big pain growing from my nose to my whole face.
"OUCH!" I screamed. "WHAT THE HELL, DUDE?"
As I was taking my hand off my face, I realized it was covered in blood.

Oh, Lord, if this bitch broke my nose no one will be able to stop me from breaking her whole face.

I was going to face the "gentle girl" when another one slapped me across the face.
It had been so hard that almost everyone who was in a 3 meter radius of me turned to see what had happened.
One of the security guys saw what had happened and moved towards the girl, and taking her and her friend by the arms, lead them outside.
"PAM!" I heard Luke's voice and saw him running towards me. "C'mon, let's go find someone who can stop the bloodstream."

All of the other boys stopped what they were doing, took their luggage and followed us.
"There you are. It's not broken, gartefully, but it's damaged so you'll have to be careful." said the nurse that worked at the airport.

I had looked at myself in the mirror. It was like if I had been taken from a horror movie.
There was a cut it my nose (I sincerely don't know how that happened) and it was all purple and blue.
From my nose to below, there were traces of carmine red blood.

"Thank God." I said.
She had been really kind and had cleaned the blood from my face. Then, she used something like a band-aid to cover my nose.

Luke was sitting beside me and had not let go of my hand in any moment.
I loved him so much.

"I'll just bring some pills for the pain. Be right back." The woman went out the door leaving us both alone.
The boys and Clary had gone to some cafeteria while they waited.

I turned my face to my boyfriend.
His expression was serious. Like if he was upset.
"Hey, love, are you okay?"
"I'm just-I can't believe that they actually did that. I never expected that one of the fans could be able to do something like this." He exhaled.
"It's okay, love. It's not your fault."
"I know. But still I feel guilty." He looked me in the eyes.
"There's no reason." I smiled at him as I could, even though it hurted like hell.
He smiled back.
"Wait a second." He made a thinking grin. "Did you just called me love?" And then he smiled like and idiot.
Like and idiot I love.
"Yeah, but if you don't like it I won't say it." I said.
"No, no, no! It's not that. I love it, princess."
"That's great, love."
He smiled widely and came close to kiss me.
But at the moment he did, his nose pressed mine.
"Oh my God, Pam! I'm so so so sorry! Are you okay?" His eyes were full of worry.
"Yeah, I'm okay. It's okay."
"Maybe a hug would be better right now." I placed my head in his shoulder with care so my nose wouldn't hurt again. He placed his arms around me and whispered in my ear. "Even if kissing you if what I want the most right now." I could feel his cheeky smile.
Good Lord, why do you do this to me?

"Maybe you'll have to wait for a while." I chuckled. And so did he.

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