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I woke up next to Jaden. Carefully laying in his arms. His hair messy and his lips slightly parted.

The movie night was great, even tho I was sleeping at the end.

After 15 minutes I decided to get up. By the time I was about to get up, I felt a tight grip around my waist, making me turn around to face him.

He was wearing his sleepy smile, causing me to smile too. This boy makes me feel like nobody else.

"Morning beautiful." Jaden said with his nothing voice while smiling. "Morning Handsome." I smiled back holding eye contact. "What time is it?" he asked while yawning. "10.36." I said looking at my phone. "Gotta get up, Mhm?" Jaden asked with a sweet innocent smile. "Gotta get up." I repeated his words confirming.

"What about we cuddle till it's 10.45? How about this offer?" He chuckled. "Well you asked so nicely. Plus you know I can't deny" I laid back,next to him.
He then pecked my cheek.

After those 9 minutes both of us stood up to get ready. He took a quick shower while I was brushing my hair up in a messy ponytail.
I was looking through my clothes and picked up a simple outfit, okay to go out if needed.

We decided to cancel movie night today to rest two days before vacation, so basically all we did was lay in bed.

I had breakfast with the whole family and everyone we t back to their rooms.


"Yn!!" Jayla came bingo jadens room. "Jeez. Ever heard of knocking." Jaden said annoyed by his sister. "Yeah, yeah. I need you for a bit." She continued. "Sure"I said before stirring up and following her to her room. "bring her back tho!" Jaden screamed after.

"What's up?" I asked. "Well you know we had this YouTube channel 3 years ago?" I nodded. "Well how about we start posting again? Like vlogs, challenges, pranks." "Wow, I like how your thinking!" I smiled. "Great, i already have a idea what we can do." She continued. "And that would be?" I asked curious. "A vlog about our vacation, and a prank!" She had a huge smile in her face, saying it exciting.
"The prank would be?" I asked even more curious.
"I'm not telling you yet." "Fine".

With that we talked for a little longer till I went back to Jaden.

The day passed by real quick. All we did was watching tik toks, sleeping, talking, cuddling and sharing some kisses.

Soon it was 10pm and believe me or not, but I'm really tired.  So I went to bed without even telling Jaden. He was probably talking to me while I was already asleep.

ᴊᴀᴅᴇɴ ᴘᴏᴠ

I was watching some tik toks until I heard soft snores.

"Ugh, Yn, Yn. Always sleeping are we." I smiled.
"Well good night then." I pulled her closer to me and spooned her.
Before I also drifted off to sleep I whispered a soft "I love you".

ɴᴇx ᴅᴀʏ.

ʏɴ ᴘᴏᴠ

I was sleeping until I heard Javon jumping on the bed.

"Cmon lovebirds! Time to wake up! You gotta pack for tomorrow." He said before walking out if the rom, he returned tho. "Oh, mom said to come down at 3. It's 2 now." He said before really walking out.


"Now we can tell y'all where we are going to!" Jess said."New York!" DJ said.
"Also Tn and Jaden are getting their 'own room' because Jaden pla-" she cut herself off. "-because there's not much space in the hotels." She continued. "Y'all can walk around wherever you want to. But please. Don't get lost." DJ spoke.
"Tomorrow at 4 am we are going to the airport. Jayla your driving the kids. Daleo you coming with mama and pops." Jess said.

Jayla nodded, even tho you could see she wanted to complain about it.


So this day, I was packing my things for New York.



I already started the new story so I hope you like this one and the next one.

Nope it's not the end.


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