First impressions

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I'm a nervous wreak right now, I have an interview with the COF (chief of finance) of Ward enterprise. I'm pretty confident I'll get the job as his new PA but I'm still nervous, from what I've heard all his previous PA's have quit because his brother Adam who just so happens to be the CEO and owner of the company. Adam Ward is rumored to be the biggest playboy in whole state of New York, but I highly doubt he would be interested in me since I pretend to be just an average Jane Doe. In reality both my parents are retired CIA agents and my brother Matt is a Navy Seal, I decided to get a degree in business and finance that way I could work for a more normal job.

The only reason I decided to send my resume here was because the pay that was offered was twice what the other companies offered, sure I may have to put up with a playboy/douche bag CEO but hey getting paid close to a million dollars just to run errands and schedule someones life is totally worth it! Besides Adam will get tired of me pretty fast judging by how long my previous boyfriend lasted, my ex-boyfriend Quint dumped me after seven months claiming "you aren't as cute as you used to be." Needless to say he had a very angry big brother to try and escape, I almost wish I had taken Matt's offer to round up a few of his buddies and surprise Quint when him and a few of his friends went to the bar. As much fun as it would have been to go watch Quint squirm under my brother's wrath I didn't want Matt to get in trouble.

"Miss Valentino, Mr.Ward will see you in his office now." I stood up and smoothed the front of my skirt one more time before following the man who came to get me. I was wearing a white button up with a charcoal grey pencil skirt and a pair of black pumps. I left my hair down because it was naturally wavy and the only makeup I was wearing was my lip gloss. Even though I probably won't need to dress like this every day I still want to make a good impression, when we came up to a pair of french glass doors the man motioned me in and proceeded to walk away. I knocked twice before a baritone voice told me I could enter, when I entered it took all my self restraint not to run over to the glass wall and press my face onto it just to stair at the view. I carefully walked over to the expensive looking mahogany desk and took this time to look at possibly my new boss, he was handsome and tall with broad shoulders. He had blond hair and green eyes, he stood at least 5ft 9in. He looked friendly as he shook my hand and introduced himself, "hi I'm Josh Ward, you must be Emily." He motioned me to have a seat as he sat down, "yes, it's a pleasure to meet you Mr.Ward thank you for considering me for this position." He smiled and waved his hand haphazardly as if he dismissed the thought, "non sense, the pleasure is mine you're the only person to apply for the job in six months."

After an hour I was signing a contract and getting shown around my new office next to Mr.Ward's, in the end he requested that I just call him Josh because his brother had the same last name and he didn't want to be confused with his brother. He also told me I could dress casually on the days we didn't have meetings, I made a mental note to keep an extra pair of work clothes in my office in case we had to attend an unplanned meeting. So far I already loved it here and I didn't begin working till Monday so I had two days to blow since it was only Friday, after saying good bye to Josh I made my way to the elevator and pressed the lobby button. As I was walking out of the elevator and making my way to the front doors of the building Mr.Ward came running in, literally he came sprinting in through the doors and pushed me to the ground out of his way! He never stopped to say sorry or even offer to help me up, he jumped into the elevator and went up to his office I assume.

One of the security guards who's name tag said Paul helped pick me up off the floor and asked if I needed help to my car, after kindly declining his offer I went out to the parking lot and climbed in my Infinity Q505 and drove back to my apartment. My new office was only 20 minutes away so it was a short drive home, when I got up to my floor and opened my door my dog Thor came charging to the door. I rescued Thor when he was a puppy at the shelter, he's a Boxer who just adores people. After feeding Thor I made myself some dinner and curled up on the couch to watch some episodes of Say yes to the Dress before I finally went to bed overjoyed at my new job and amazing boss Josh.

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