MGIAGF: I'll Find You

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Chapter 9

His eyes widened at what she said. What?! He belongs to her?!

She smiled sweetly as she continued gobbling the chicken as he nodded and faked a smile.

Shit. Now how the heck is he gonna get rid of her?!

"Ah." He said as he faked a chuckle. "Okay, Miss golden fox I'll just prepare your bed inside okay?" He said as she nodded.

He stood up and went inside the school's loft. Now what? Ugh. Why on earth is he the one who'd crossed his path on her? Why him? The hell. Now he has more problem than before.

He slumped to the one of the beds of the loft as he groaned. "Why me?! Why?! Why?!?" He groaned.

Suddenly, she went in. His eyes widened as he sat up.

"Hey Jack! You okay?" She asked as she sat beside him. He slowly backed away. "Ah.. yeah.. I'm fine." He said awkwardly.

"Uh.. you go sleep here, while I.. I sleep in the rooftop." He said, standing up.

She raised a brow. "Why are you gonna sleep in the rooftop?"

"Uh.. because.." he trailed off as he racked his brain for an excuse.

"Because I'm a golden fox and you're afraid that I may eat you right?" She said straightforwardly.

His eyes widened as he looked at her. How the heck did she know that.

"W-what? Uh.. no.. it's not like that.. it's just because.. it's hot right here.." He lied.

She sighed and glared at him. "Fine. Go, sleep in the rooftop if you don't trust me." She stated as she laid on the bed.

He just sighed and rolled his eyes. Fine. He's gonna stay outside. At least he knows that he's not going to be eaten.


After a few hours, our golden fox stood up and quietly went outside to the rooftop.

When she's already in there, she saw Jack lying on the wooden floorboard they sat on earlier.

She smiled as she looked at him. She quietly sat beside him. It was fun being with him today. Even just in a short time, she had fun with him.

She placed her hand on his chest, feeling her bead inside his body. And because she'll stay with him until he's fully healed, it would be more fun.

Suddenly, she saw some mosquitoes hovering above him. She killed them one by one by her petite hands until there's no more.

She looked at her hands as she saw the dead mosquitoes. She wiped her hands as she looked at him.

"I caught all the mosquitoes so they can't eat you." She said as she giggled. "Neither the mosquitoes or me can eat you, so sleep comfortably." She said with a smile as she brushed her hands off and wiped it on her dress.

She looked around and saw the city. "Wow." She mumbled as she looked at the glowing lights of the city.

She stood up and walked closer to it. She smiled. "The world has become more beautiful. It's like a garden full of colorful flowers." She said as she wandered her eyes around the city.


Hiccup smirked as he looked at the profile in his computer. He finally knows who freed the golden fox.

"Jack Overland Frost. So you're the one who helped the golden fox?" He said, his smirk never fading as he took his dagger as it glowed.

He swung his swivel chair to the direction of the painting. "Why did you go out, golden fox? Didn't you know that the world is not a good place for you?"

"I'll find you, and I'll bring you back where you belong."


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