Chapter 2

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In a small bedroom at 4 Privet Drive sat Harry Potter, reading the Daily Prophet. He was searching for any sign that the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort, was on the move.
He sighed, even if something did happen, the ministry would just cover it up. Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, would do anything to disillusion himself that Voldemort was never coming back.
It was then that Harry jumped, startled at the owl that had just crashed into his window.
Just my luck, he thought glumly, an owl at 2 am that wakes up Uncle Vernon.
He opened the window and looked out. The owl flew in the window, almost knocking Harry over.

"Be quiet you stupid owl!" He whispered.

He gave it one of Hedwig's owl treats and opened the letter.


Dear Harry,
I will be arriving shortly after this letter arrives to take you to Hogwarts.
I know you may be confused, but I would like to talk to you in person instead of telling you through a letter. Do not worry, all will be explained in due time.
Albus Dumbledore


This makes no sense! Thought Harry.
Why would Dumbledore want to talk to him? What couldn't he tell Harry through a letter? Suddenly fear coursed through him. What if Voldemort has Ron and Hermione?! What if they're dead?!
Then the doorbell rang. Harry raced down the stairs to open the door before Uncle Vernon woke up. He reached the door and opened it, greeting a very solemn looking Dumbledore.
"Harry, you need to come with me," He said.

"Wait, why? Explain!" Harry whispered in an attempt not to wake up his aunt and uncle.

"All in due time," Dumbledore said, "Grab onto my arm. We need to Apperate into Hogwarts,"

Though confused and scared, Harry obeyed. They immediately appeared outside of Dumbledore's office.

"Harry," started Dumbledore," I was in Godric's Hollow tonight when I heard two explosions. I went to the source of the sound and I saw what appeared to be..." He trailed off.

"What?" asked Harry nervously.

" Harry, your parents have come back from the dead."

There was a second loud thud that night as Harry fainted.

Dumbledore muttered a spell to wake him up.

" What?!" shouted Harry, standing up.

" How is that possible?!" he continued.

" I'm not sure, Harry" said Dumbledore.

"But where are they?!" Harry asked.

"In my office," replied Dumbledore.

"And did it ever cross your mind that they might be Death Eaters?" Harry asked .

"I have interrogated them, and they are not Death Eaters," replied Dumbledore.

"But," started Harry," how?"

"I do not know Harry."

"But when can I see them?"

"Now if you wish," replied Dumbledore.

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