Chapter 3

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Today was Doomsday: Sarah's first day of school. Being thrown into different schools was one of the downside of being in the foster system. Sarah didn't mind the studies; in fact she welcomed the knowledge. She had a plan to get her and Sunny out of their misery and passing high school was required. It was the students and the 'clicks' that she hated. Every school was different and Sarah had to go through her 'School Analysis' once again:

Step 1. Find popular kids and stay away from them.

Step 2. Avoid chatty people and boys who wish to make friend.

Step 3. Ignore everybody else.

Step 4. Try, try, try to stay out of trouble (especially when one more mistake will send her to Juvie)

Sarah was grumpily standing in front of the school doors beside an ecstatic Sunny. Her sister was jumping up and down on her toes in anticipation. Kids were walking past them and gave them curious stares. Sarah could already hear the whispers that will be following her down the halls. She glared at everyone who dared to look at her while Sunny was ignoring them with a grin on her face.

"Are you girls ready?" Leanne said excitedly beside them.

"Yes" Sunny said at the same time Sarah grumbled a "No". Leanne led the girls inside the school towards the principal's office. The hallway was extremely crowded and Sarah already hated the claustrophobia feeling taking over her. They arrived at the office and the secretary told them to go in immediately.

"Leanne, are these the girls?" the woman behind the desk asked. She was in her mid-forties with short gray hair. She looked welcoming and had a motherly vide to her. The principal stood up and greeted her old friend with a kiss on the cheek. She looked at the girls standing before her with a curious glance but, she being a professional woman, kept her curiosity at bay.

"I am Mrs. Simons" she told the girls "and you must be Sachiko Nagasawa and Sarah Green; Welcome. I understand that Leanne has told you our school policy here but I would like to go over it again to make sure we are all on the same page" Mrs. Simons gestured the girls to sit down on the chairs in front of her desk. As everyone sat down, Mrs. Simons went directly to business.

Meanwhile in the hallways of the school, Carly went to join her friends who were waiting for her by her locker. It was really cold outside and Carly really wanted to get out of her winter coat.

"Hey guys" she said animatedly and received a chorus greetings. Her group consisted of Matt, the soccer star and Hana the social butterfly and two others who were not present at the moment.

"Hey Carls, is it true that your mother is fostering kids from the streets?" Hana asked. Since it was a small town, gossip traveled faster than the flu.

Carly was the youngest girl in the group because she had skipped a grade and she already had a scholarship at sixteen. 

"Yes it is true" Carly answered Mandy.

"You don't sound happy" Matt said. He was about to ask what was wrong when he noticed a girl behind her friend walking in the hallway. "Wow" was all he could say.

Confused, Carly looked behind her shoulder to see Sarah looking down at a piece of paper. Sarah was a fairly tall girl at 5'7 and small curves in all the right places. She had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and a straight nose. She was not a model even though she was beautiful with her simple looks except her torn and overly large clothes reduced the magic of her features.

Carly turned to her friend and said in a strict voice:

"Listen Matt, I know you like them dangerous and all but Sarah is off limits" The group looked at Sarah like a hawk would look at its prey as everybody else in the hallway. The hush whispers of curiosity and judgments could be heard.

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