The Hurt

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"Is she any better?" Asked Yoongi as he held a tray with tea and medicine by the door.

"No...her fever is still extremely high and last night her foot bent at an angle it shouldn't have been able to." Namjoon said sadly

"What could be causing this? Did it heal immediately after like the others?" Yoongi pressed

"Yes!" Namjoon stood abruptly from the bedside, "I don't understand what's going on. It's like she's being attacked but-"

"She is.."

Namjoon looked towards the door and Yoongi looked shockingly beside himself,

"What do you mean? And when did you get there?" Yoongi questioned

"She is being attacked," Elise went and sat beside her sister, "Her soul is tied with Michael's. She did this just incase I ever tried to hurt him..."

" that means that all of this happening to her is because someone's hurting Michael?" Namjoon pieced together the problem in his mind, "she's been going on like this for almost 2 months...they've been hurting him like this for 2 months?"

"That's not possible...Michael's human, he'd be dead by now." Yoongi quipped

"No, not necessarily. Ella keeps healing and being beaten again. So I'm betting Michael is being healed as well." Ella spoke as she stroked her sisters cheek, "Unfortunately for you all, this mean I'm your best hope."

"Like hell you are. We knew the gist of what Ella wanted us to do. We'll continue with that—" Yoongi tried to speak,

"If you want to get out with Ara alive then you'll listen to me." Elise spoke fiercely without facing them.

Yoongi glanced at Namjoon as if asking him to say something. But, Namjoon only shook his head,

"Gather the rest of our miserable crew. We're getting them both back, tonight." Elise said firmly

Namjoon clenched his jaw before walking past Yoongi and down the hall.

Yoongi stayed, feet planted outside the room still,


"I just...I need to know...honestly...did you ever care about us? I mean trying to make things better...did you care?"

"I wanted to...and honestly I thought that I did." Elise turned her face towards the window, a small smile forming on her lips, "I watched you all grow and yet I could never stop dreaming of finally accomplishing my own mission."

"So we were just that? Not your sims but simply just a part of your mission." Yoongi scoffed, "Thanks for that."

Yoongi walked off leaving Elise to sit alone with her sister.

Ella moved slightly before her eyes opened.

She smiled at her sister and Elise smiled back.

"You have to to tell them the truth.." Ella spoke softly

"I can't...if I do it'll make everything we have to do even harder." Elise released a breath before she got in bed and laid beside her sister.

Their hands clasped tightly together as she rested her head on Ella's shoulder.

"They've given Michael a break?"

"For now...hopefully Ara is thinking of something on her end as well." Ella said with her eyes closed

"Mm." Elise hummed, "El? Before this is over...I want you to know that I didn't hate you...I just hated myself."

Ella chuckled, "I didn't hate you either Lise."

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