Remember Our First Kiss

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In this chapter and the next there is going to be a GUEST appearance by Carlisle Cullen. Please enjoy the fanfic twist of his character into our fanfic twist of Vampire Diaries. Thank you! XOXO

Damon knocked on Stefan's door but didn't wait for an answer. He walked in carrying the same paddle he used on Emma whenever she misbehaved on a level that just wouldn't be justified with a simple hairbrush. Stefan was sitting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands; he looked up when Damon walked in. He noticed the paddle in his older brother's hands.

"Damon, come on, I know I messed up but don't you think I'm a little old for a spanking?"

"No, I don't. When I was 17 and I did something really stupid dad whipped my ass good; and guess what, you did something really stupid. Throwing a party and getting a ton of kids that are under 21 really drunk was the first irresponsible thing you did. Then you go and get in a fight with a human, what were you possibly thinking?"

"I was just defending our sister's name. I overheard Tyler saying that he wanted to f*** Emma and then he said a few other things and…"

"Stefan! I appreciate you defending our sister's honor but at the same time you were drunk and fighting a human. You could have killed him, did you even think about that?"

"No, I'm sorry," said Stefan as he began to stare at the floor, "I just wanted to start the senior year off right for Elena. I really didn't mean for it to get out of hand."

"That's why you and Emma aren't allowed to have parties without me around. It's to avoid everything that happened tonight."

"Okay, I messed up. Can't I please just be grounded instead?"

"If you're grounded then that means you're stuck at home and that's a punishment for me as well, I don't think so. Now stand up."

"Damon please…."

"Don't fight me on this or you're going to make it much worse for yourself. Do as I say and stand up."

Stefan was hesitant but finally stood up as he was told.

"I want your jeans and boxers down then bend over your bed," ordered Damon.

"Damon, come on. Do I really have to take…."

"Stefan Salvatore, damnit!"

Damon had it with his brother stalling and pulled his jeans and boxers down himself. He sat down on the bed and instead of having Stefan bending over the bed; Damon pulled him over his knee and held him down while he spanked him soundly with the wooden paddle.


"Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, hello, I'm Dr. Green. As you know we have taken several blood tests and couldn't find anything. We gave your son an MRI and the results just came in. I'm afraid we found a tumor in Jeremy's brain, the Limbic System to be exact. I have to ask, have you noticed any abnormal mood changes within Jeremy recently?"

Jenna and Alaric looked at each other then Elena. Jenna began to cry.

"Oh my God…." Jenna cried.

"Baby, what is it?" asked Alaric.

"Well, recently Jeremy has been a bit more moody but we just figured he was going through a phase. The other day though when I was grocery shopping with Jeremy he became really upset because I wouldn't get a certain cereal. He actually had a tantrum so I…I"

"Sweetie, what happened?"

"I took him in the bathroom and I spanked him with my hairbrush. What did I do? "

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