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Kimberly's POV
As I was playing around with Matt we heard a door knock, Nash went up and opened the door and we thought we wouldn't see this person ever again it was.........................................Jai. We all started to cry and ran up to him to hug him I was so happy to see him . "Omg I thought you were dead" I said while sobbing "well... I'm alive" he says "hey, why don't we surprise Jennifer while we are watching a movie and you come up behind her" Kalolaine says "great, I will hide in the closet" Jai says " he went to the closet and we also told him if Marina snaps her fingers that means come out.

Jennifer's POV
I got out of the shower and put on my "dirty pig" sweater with pajama pants. I don't need to impress anybody do I? I went downstairs while everyone was watching a movie and the lights were turned off. I went and sat next to Kalolaine she was just all over Nash I thought to myself oh lord Jesus Christ help me all I want is Jai. I heard Marina snap her fingers but I didn't pay attention to her I just kept on watching the movie.

Mainly because it's unfriended I love that movie. Someone tapped on my shoulder I looked and tears began to fill my eyes, it was Jai I jumped on him and everyone was just looking at us I knew that they came up with a plan. " I'm so glad your alive" I said he just smiled and I squealed and hugged him tight. " why did you do something like that, honestly you scared the shît out of me" I say " I was sad because I won't see you in like what..... Forever so I decided that there is no point of living, especially without the love of my life" Jai says that made me in tears I just hugged him so so tight like its are last hug we will ever have.

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