Chapter 8-My Cute Mate

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Kyungsoo's Pov

"Kyungie~" Oh no!He's coming!I'm so nervous!"I love you" he said while give me a back hug.He turn me around then slowly leaned to my face.Our face get closer and I can feel his hot breath.When our lips was about to touch,"BabySoo!" I heard Luhan hyung called my name.I got my sense back then I go to Luhan hyung.I can heard Kai whinning like a kid.He's cute :)

Author's Pov

"BabySoo!" Luhan called Kyungsoo."Yes hyung.Why?" "I want some bubble tea" Luhan gave his puppy face to Kyungsoo.And who can say no to that face?"Wait,I'll make it for you" Kyungsoo said."That stupid girly face" Jongin glare at Luhan but the older not see it."Who's stupid girly face?!" Sehun smacked his hyung's head."Hey!I'm your hyung!" Kai shout at his dongsaeng."WTF?!Shut up!" They heard Kris voice.Both of them keep their mouth shut but they keep glaring at each other.

Kris's Pov

They so noisy!My baby panda is still sleeping.Aww,he's so cute!"Ergh,panda...wushu" Tao talk in his sleep.I watch him with a smile on my lips.Suddenly,Tao woke up from his beauty sleep."Hey,do you want to eat something?" I ask my mate."Yeah,I'm hungry~" he said while pouting cutely.His lips look kissable!"Gege~I'm still tired" "You want to have some sleep...again?" srsly?He want to sleep again? "No!I'm to tired to eat" "I'll feed you" as we go to the kitchen,we saw Jongin and Sehun still glaring at each other.

Author's Pov

"Baekkie~Let's eat" Chanyeol said to his mate."Okay,lets go".The twelve of them already sit at their place.Suddenly someone sigh loudly."Whats wrong Lulu?" Xiumin ask him."I'm so bored!Can't we go somewhere else?" His words make Kris think about it for about one minute."I think we should......."

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