This is My Kingdom Come

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"Oww," Jennie groaned, grabbing her head as she tried to sit up in her bed. She flopped back down when she realized it just wasn't happening right now.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," Lisa said from her place in the doorway. Jennie would have glared at the smirk she knew was on her friend's face if she could have opened her eyes without the pain in her head doubling.

Instead of giving any sort of verbal reply, Jennie just moaned a bit and flipped her friend off.

Lisa laughed. "While I would usually love making a girl moan in the morning, I don't particularly care for your attitude, Kim." She sighed. "And here I was, bringing you water and aspirin. Maybe I'll just take them and..." she trailed off as Jennie reached out toward her, grasping at the open air in front of her.

"Wait, no. I love you and you're my favorite person ever." The brunette still had her eyes closed, but she kept her hands in the air. "Please?" she asked with a pout.

"Oh, you know I can't withstand the Kim pout." Lisa walked over to Jennie and pressed the glass of water in one hand while dropping the pills into the other. Jennie smiled weakly at her after finally opening her eyes to squint at her friend. She sat up to take the offered pills.

After she popped the pills and chugged the glass of water, she flopped back down onto her bed. "Thanks," she mumbled. Lisa took the now empty glass from her and put it on the bedside table. She climbed into the bed next to Jennie and lay down beside her.

"You gonna actually get up and face the day?" Lisa asked gently, keeping her voice lower than she normally would. While she didn't mind torturing her best friend, she also knew how grumpy a hungover Jennie could be.

"No," Jennie grumbled, turning onto her side away from Lisa and pulling Lisa's arm around her. Lisa complied, spooning Jennie. Cuddling wasn't that uncommon between the two; Rose was definitely more of a cuddlier than Lisa.

"What about those two papers, thesis and lab work you said you'd get done this weekend?"

"Don't wanna," Jennie mumbled again. Lisa chuckled at her grumpy friend. She knew this was going to happen, which is why she tried to dissuade her from going out with them the previous night.

"Alright, Jen," Lisa said, extracting her arm from around Jennie. She smacked Jennie on the ass before standing up. "You accepted the challenge, now it's time to face it. Get up, get a shower, and get that cute little ass of yours to the library. You have work to do."

Jennie honest to god growled while burrowing deeper into her blankets and pillows. She had made a rather decent nest on her bed made of multiple pillows and loads of fluffy blankets, and she was hell bent on staying in it for as long as possible.

"Don't make me get Rose in here," Lisa threatened, now in the doorway of Jennie's room again.

"She'd have to get up and drive over here to do that. Which I doubt she'd want to do."

"Get your ass up!" Rose yelled from the living room. Jennie peaked out of her blankets to see Lisa leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed and smirk firmly on her face. She raised an eyebrow at the brunette.

"You were saying?" Lisa asked, smug.

"She'd still have to get up," Jennie argued.

"And if she does, she's going to be pissed and you're going to be in more pain than you're in now," Rose called from the living room. Her voice was somewhat muffled, which let Jennie know she was probably smashing her face into one of their throw pillows.

"So?" Lisa asked, still smirking at the disheveled brunette. Jennie knew she'd lose this battle.

With a defeated sigh, Jennie literally rolled out of bed, her knees hitting the hardwood floor beside her bed. She placed her face against the mattress, groaning. "But why...?" Jennie whined, trying to prolong actually standing up for as long as possible.

"Education, Jennie. A future. You're the one who decided to become a doctor," Lisa said with a shrug before walking out the door and toward the living room. "Get a shower," she called. "You'll feel better."

After a few more moments whining to herself and trying to find the motivation to stand, Jennie pushed herself to her feet and stumbled to the bathroom. A nice, long, hot shower was definitely needed.

When Jennie finally climbed out of the shower, well after the water started to cool down, she slowly towel dried her body. She may have to get working on her assignments, but that didn't mean she wouldn't take her time getting to it.

She had just wrapped the towel around her body when the bathroom door cracked open. Lisa's pushed her hand through the crack, offering a mug of steaming coffee.

"You're an angel," Jennie said, quickly pulling the mug from her hand. She deeply inhaled the sweet, slightly bitter smell before taking a small sip.

"Yeah, yeah. You're lucky I love you," Lisa said before Jennie heard her limping away from the door. Her leg must be bothering her more than usual for her limp to be that prominent. Jennie would have to ask her about it later, and maybe offer a massage for how nice she's been this morning. "Breakfast is waiting, too." Lisa's voice was further away, but Jennie heard her clearly. With the promise of greasy bacon and pancakes (their go-to hangover food), Jennie quickly made her way to her room and threw some clothes on. Nothing fancy; she wanted to be comfortable when she left for the library.

Rose was already sitting at the breakfast table when Jennie shuffled in the room. She had her elbows on the table and her head in her hands. Her nose was only inches from the cup of coffee Lisa had placed there for her, and she was steadily inhaling the scent.

"Glad to know I'm not the only one," Jennie grumbled, going over to the stove to pile some pancakes and bacon on a plate for herself. She sat down opposite Rose at the table, Lisa sitting between them, happy as could be. "How are you perfectly fine this morning?"

Lisa shrugged, taking a swift drink from her orange juice. "Unlike the two of you, I didn't drink myself into a stupor last night. Only had a couple drinks at each bar, and loads of water. You'd think by now that you two would know better than to start heavy and end heavy." She laughed as Rose's head jerked, clearly having fallen asleep at the table.

"Shut up..." Rose grumbled, sitting up in her seat and grasping at her fork. "'M tired."

"Not surprised, babe." Lisa smirked at Jennie. "Though, unlike some of us, you can go back to sleep after breakfast."

Jennie stuck her tongue out at Lisa before she stuffed another bite of pancakes into her mouth. "Don't be a jerk," she said around a mouthful of food.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Lisa countered. Jennie glared at Lisa and swallowed her food. She opened her mouth wide, tongue stuck out, to show that her mouth was now empty. Lisa rolled her eyes at her. "Real mature."

Jennie grinned cheekily before taking another bite of food. They continued eating in silence, Lisa happy as could be, Rose glaring at anything and everything, and Jennie dreading her workload for the weekend.

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