The Week With No Signs Pt. 2

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Liam and Seena walked into the backyard, he just wanted to get away from the noise and the only person he felt genuinely comfortable with was Seena.

A small bird bath centered the green landscape, surrounded by beautiful black roses. Seena smiled at her reflection as she dipped one finger in it and watched the small ripple that was created in the water.

Liam smiled as he just watched her silently. The wind making its low whistle and the birds tweeting amongst each other, creating a soft atmosphere.

"So...did you bring me out here only to stare at me?" Seena wondered

Liam chuckled, "I just needed to breathe. I can tell you; this is not where I thought I'd be a few weeks ago."

"And where exactly did you think you'd be? It's been a tad longer than a couple weeks."

"I don't know..." he breathed, "Maybe taking over Jihyun's job...becoming chief and watching him retire...Not fighting witches and warlocks."

"We have warlocks?"


"I'm kidding. I hear you. This isn't where I thought I'd be either but I mean hey...what can we do?" She asked while turning towards him.

Liam folded his arms and turned his head to face the back of the house, "I'm starting to think that this fight isn't mine."

Seena took this moment to stand in front of him. She glanced at his expression, he couldn't be serious... but he was.

"The fight to get Ara back?" She questioned

"Luther was my partner...that's who I wanted to save. Even though he was a shitty guy he was my best friend. The first witch killed him. How am I going to tell his family? And don't get me wrong...I love my chief but...Getting Ara back isn't my job." Liam raked a hand through his dark hair and sighed, "And I don't think it's your fight either, Seena."

"Excuse me?" She spoke softly although deeply offended.

Liam grabbed her hands lightly and weakly closed-mouthed smiled, "We could and me and leave this all behind us. I have feelings for you and I know you feel for me too."

Seena was lost for words. How could she speak? Yes, she felt for Liam...but...

"Detective Walker..." she crept out as she pulled her hands to her chest, "if you go...I can't be mad but...she's my best could you ever ask me to not fight for her?"

Liam's smile slowly faded, "I see,"

"I'm sorry—"

"No, I get it." He gave a sad grin, "Worth a shot huh?" He chuckled, "Well, good luck."
He took in a last look at her before walking off towards the cars.

Seena wanted to say something but she was at a lost for words. So instead, she just watched as he climbed into the vehicle, started it up and made his exit.


Jungkook sat at the edge of his bed, staring intensely at the wall. Jimin leaned against the doorway as he just watched his younger brother.

"How long are you going to stay like this?" He asked

"I'm thinking," Jungkook responded

"About what?"

"How I'm going to break back into the facility." He smirked to himself

"Pfft, right." Jimin joked, but when he noticed Jungkook wasn't laughing his smile quickly went away and he fully stepped into the room before closing the door behind himself.

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