pt 38.

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If y'all forgot Sasha is from pt 15-16 when she tried to get La'Paris to cheat with her or whatever


| 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚞𝚒𝚗𝚐 |


"That's your damn problem Matima you lie to much I'm telling you that girl isn't putting up with that forever hell I'm even irritated" Mama B spoke sitting in her favorite chair.

"I know ma but I don't want her feeling like I'm choosing a child I was raped for over her I understand that I'm lying for nothing but I gotta good reason this time"

"Its not a good reason La'Paris that's the issue you never know how SHE would feel about something unless you speak about it to her you're a grown ass man La'Paris stop acting like a child and talk to her like an adult that you are, she's forgiven you so many times and came back to you REPEATEDLY if she honestly doesn't want to stay this time I do not blame her all you do is lie, lie and damn lie its ridiculous" she stated in full honesty.

"I'm not trying to lie to her I just dont wanna hurt her I been doing good so far I don't want to fuck it up" he said softly rubbing his beard.

"You'll only do that if you keep lying to her"

"So tell her the truth before its to late please"


Serena sighed holding the pregnancy test in her hand debating whether she should take them or not.

She still hasn't spoke to him about her fertility issues nor was she planning too or tell anyone. She was anxious but a baby was the last thing on her mind after taking the years out to raise her brother STILL raising her brother at that she knew she wasn't ready for a newborn.

She put the test down leaving them where La'Paris put them so he could clearly see she wasn't taking them.

She knew she wasn't pregnant she couldn't be pregnant, right?


"Hi tinka you so handsome" Nadia teased her son kissing on his cheek as he smiled.

"You like momma's kisses? You love my kisses" she smiled as he kicking around his legs.

"Mrs. Martin" Dominic called out entering the room as Nadia looked up.

"Mhm you know better" he nodded.

"Boy hush swear you somebody" she stated rolling her eyes.

"Gimme my son fine ass" she mumbled taking Tamari out her hands.


"I have to pump him so more milk my left tittie pumps more than the right its annoying" she groaned grabbing her bottles and machine.

"Lemme see" Dominic smiled waiting for her to lift her sports bra.

"No they already big got all this damn milk inside for what" she mugged fixing her tubes.

"Cause my son gotta eat ain't that right?" He asked looking at his son.

"He said yea so get to pumping my fat man ready to eat" he said poking her tittie causing milk to squirt.

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