Chapter 2-Presents

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I was getting frantic. Let’s just say I know my Kassadi way too well, and she can get angry. And she plays sports. She could take out any of the twig girls any day. I combed my fingers through my hair and sighed. I lay down on my bed, the one in the middle, and waited. I felt a shock of relief as the door opened and it was Kass.

“Kassadi Lyn I swear you scared the pee out of me!” I grabbed her up, December, who had been stress eating over in the corner, dropped her Cajun turkey and jumped over to Kass and I.

“What did you do?” December got wide eyed. Kass laughed.  She walked into the bathroom, and we stood in the doorway, she explained everything. From the swim, to the coming back, and then Niall Horan.

“Niall?!” I gasped for air. “Niall Horan?! Please tell me your kidding!” I grabbed the wet bathing suit strings, pulling her to me.

“Okay, I’m kidding”

“Kassadi!” December snickered.

“WHAT?! She told me to tell her I was kidding!” she laughed. I was too busy dying of ovary explosion.

“Kass…” I struggled to breath-“Did you get his number?”

She looked at me. Oh god. I could tell she did. Kass had this look about her eyes, and you could tell. Kass was good at lying around anyone else-except me and December. Her eyes went from green to blue if she was hiding something. The blushed too. It was one of those Kassadi things.

“Chevvy…we gave it to me...” she blushed scarlet. “But I don’t know him.”

“I do!” I freaked out. December looked about ready to knock me out with some sedative.  “So basically you just ran into him?! Please don’t tell me you broke Niall!” I begged.

“Chevvy. Nothing was broken. I’m going to take a shower. You’re going to go unpack and December is not going to eat all of the Cajun junk. I was looking around the board walk; did you know there is a board walk? There are some nice restaurants! I’m thinking we go shopping an eat something? I’m starved!” she smiled. That was so typical for Kass. I laughed. I loved my friends.

“December!” I laughed, and then dog piled onto her, leaving her lying on her bed. She curled up in a ball, and she grabbed her jacket we had named Jesus. I don’t know why, but to us that jacket felt like Jesus.

I looked over at December, she had short blond hair that looked much like a pixie cut, a larger nose, and dazzling blue eyes.

I loved that kid,

“Well. I’m going to unpack all this stuff we brought. I said unzipping the bags...we all wore the same size, and often we took trips into each other’s closet, and I decided to just put all the underwear, shirts, and pants and what not into the same drawers. It wouldn’t make a difference anyways; we always went home from Camp Sebastian wearing each other’s clothes.

I did our hair, mine and Decembers, and I could hear Kass in the bathroom getting ready.  We slid into somewhat dressy clothes, and Kass came out of her long shower. I wore a mint green loose shirt, with a skin colored tank top underneath, with a pair of skinny jeans and some slip ons. I picked out Decembers outfit, which consisted of a minty tank stop and a lacey over shirt-then tan skinnies-and flip flops. Kass wore some minty green skinnies and flip flops, a white cardigan like think with a tan tank top underneath. We were ready to go, my hair was straightened, and so was Decembers, but Kass has this long curly hair. We laughed about it. Kassadi meant ‘curly haired’ in the Irish origin- which it was from.

We grabbed Kass’s purse and walked on the board walk, and I held their hands.

I loved the smells here, the beach and the nice food. In our relationship, us three, food was one of those MUST HAVE things.

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