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Present Time
A week after Aiko's visit

And, I have finally returned to school. I seriously don't have any idea how much things I have missed.

I was hearing explanation about what happened when I'm gone from Hu Tao.

Nothing much actually. The only thing that I considered as important is about the internship Aiko talked about a week ago.

Apparently, the school only allows the students to go to the office that have a good record when it comes to taking in interns. That's the new policy.


aybe I'll stay with Kirizaya for this internship.

Me: Takana?

Hu Tao: Me? I'll be staying with Kirizaya-sensei, I guess. By the way, Midoriya-kun has found the office that wants him.

Me: Hmm?

Hu Tao: He'll work under Nighteye for the internship.

Me*thought*: Nighteye, huh? All Might's former sidekick.


Kirizaya: I'm glad you're back and all, but I'm gonna talk with you for a minute, (Y/N).

Almost everyone: Woah!! You scared us!! Where did you come from, sensei?!

Kirizaya: There's no need for you to know.

He said while holding two forms. One of the form has been filled while the other one is still empty. He gave me the empty form.

Kirizaya: If you want to be with me for the internship, I need you to fill the form now so that I can give it to the principal.

Me: Shake.

I started to fill the form and after I have done, I handed the form back to Kirizaya.

Kirizaya: See ya.

And with that, he suddenly disappeared.

Okay, seriously. How many escaping move that he has?

Kirizaya POV

I appeared in front of Nezu's table.

Nezu: Oh, Kirizaya-kun.

Me: Hey there.

Nezu: Since you're able to teleport in here without using any shadow in here, I assume you have marked this room?

Me: Yep. In fact, I have marked every room in this school.

Nezu: I see. You're a caution person, it seems.

Soul's Marks.

A move that allows Kirizaya to move from place to the place that he marked in a blink of eye. The marking is his own blood.

Me: That's what you'd expect from an underground hero.

I said and put down the form on his desk.

Nezu: I see. So you're only taking these two?

Me: Yes.

Nezu: But do you really think they're ready? Your work is a dirty one, after all.

Me:.. I'll make sure that I'm the only one that will take care of the dirty works. And you should have ready to face the consequences once you agreed to hire me here.

Nezu: Right. Nevertheless, I trust you.

Me: Glad to hear that.

That Night
My House
Kirizaya POV

I was reading some files about the case that I'm investigating.

As I was reading, an email popped out on my laptop.

Me: Hmm? Nighteye?

I opened the email and read it.

Me: Huh, interesting.

I was working on a case about quirk erasing bullets. This case is still new and haven't been told to public to avoid unnecessary attentions.

And Nighteye's email said that he is investigating an organization called "The Eight Precepts of Death". He believe that this organization has something to do with the case that I'm working on so he request for a cooperation.

Nighteye... In the past, both him and All Might always came to my house if they had free time. Well, my mother was their acquaintance, after all.

Well, even if you're an underground hero, you still need to make name for yourself amongst the heroes so that you will have a lot of reliable resources.

As for me, I have quite a reputation amongst the heroes and also in the underworld. In other words, I live with two identities.

As I was thinking, someone hugged me from behind.

Ai: Darling, you're still with your work? Come on, let's go to bed already.

Me: Sorry, sweetheart. Let me reply this email first and then we can go to bed, alright?

I said and kissed her forehead.

She pouted.

Ai: Fine. But I'll stay here with you till you done.

Me: Sure.

I started to type my answer.

"Let's continue tomorrow over the phone. This is my contact information."

I put my contact information in the email and clicked send.

Me: Okay, let's go, honey.

Ai: Yeay~

I stood up and Ai jump onto my back.

I just chuckled and started to walk to our bedroom while bringing Ai.

(Y/N), Hu Tao. There's one thing you need to understand when you involve yourself with hero world. Once you decided to be a hero, you put your life on the line. And when you have finally became a hero, you put your whole family on the line.

When you're in a position where there's no other choice, please don't be hesitate. Because if you hesitate even a second, one life will be taken away.

Choose wisely, you two. I'll be there to offer help anytime.

To be continued...

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