Chapter 19 - Baby Poynter

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2 weeks later

James' Pov

So we are all back at the hospital. Not because of Brooklyn but because baby boy Jesse has just been born. Dougie looked so happy while holding his baby boy. It was so sweet to watch. He has never looked so happy!

After returning home we all spent time watching (as usual) back to the future. Hopefully my kids will love this film as much as I do.

Ok so that's the end of the first book. I will hopefully have the first chapter of the sequal up somepoint in the next week but I'm not sure if that will happen as I have exams so am using nights to write this. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the first book and I hope you like that sequal as well. If you have any ideas please tell me as I would love to hear from you. Thanx for reading Kiara xxx

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