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He pushes me up against a tree with enough force to break every bone in my body. Even though I didn't eat well, I still have enough strength to fight back, lessening the damage. I scream in pain as the bark tears at my skin.

"Little birdie, screaming does no good now." His large hands circle around my wrists. His mouth is so close to mine. I shift my head away, but he catches my chin and directs my focus back at him. "You're a fighter," he laughs. This man is worse than Xavier. 

"Such beautiful hair..." In his hands are scissors, large and steel. I try to fight, to scream, but he has me pressed down. "I wonder if you'll be so pretty now?" He chops and chops near the base of my neck, long hair shorn and torn lies dead on the ground. He pulls my head toward a puddle, so I can see the knarly tangles of curls still remaining on my head. It's chopped at the base of my neck. "No, not quite at pretty now. Still a fighter I suppose?"

"You don't know the half of it," I say, but it comes out a squeak. He presses his rough lips against mine. There is no passion, only burning disgust. I kick him in the shins, momentarily distracting him

"Bitch." He comes after me for a second time, but this time I spit at his eyes. He groans but doesn't bother to wipe it off. I try to fight, but he's much bigger. I cringe as he rips my shirt, revealing a thin flimsy bra. I close my eyes, bile coming to my throat. I expect him to unhook it, but nothing happens. I open my eyes to see Ellie kicking his thigh. She jumps on his back, and puts her feeble hands on his neck. He grasps her beautiful long hair and tugs.

"Run," she shouts at me. I eagerly comply. But where to? And even if I do find my way back out of the forest, can I really leave Ellie there? I decide to find Jeremiah, he could help.

The woods are big, and I can't find anything. I keep running, until my feet hurt so much I can't take it any longer, I let myself fall. My ankle get's caught on a root, and twists. There's no way I can walk. So I decide to scream. I scream as loud as I can. I know there's a chance he could find me, but at least I would know he isn't hurting Ellie. I mentally slap myself for leaving her there. What kind of person am I? Self hatred fuels my yelling.

"Shut up," I mute in surprise as a man puts his hand on my mouth. His hair is a brilliant red, and his eyes a soft brown. He seems familiar, yet I know I've never met him. I turn my neck around to see his eyebrow raise, in a cocky manner.

"So, you've found a way out. I have to say, I'm impressed."

"Who are you?" He laughs, "and what do you want with me?"

"I'm here to save you. All of you. Can you stand?" his voice is kind. I shake my head. "Mother will want to meet you." His arms are surprisingly strong as he picks me up, effortlessly

We walk for about a mile, in which I stay totally silent. My mouth drops open when I see a small wooden village. So this is where he lives. A middle aged woman with an air of superiority walks out when she sees us. Her red eyebrow raises just in the way the mans does. I laugh out of context, earning me a slight frown.

"And she is...?"

"An escaper." Her eyes widen, and soften.

"Take her to my room, we need to talk." I decide to comply. With my ankle, it's not like I can do anything else." Her "room" is small but cozy. The man sets me down on a large couch, adjacent from the woman I assume is his mother.

"Leave, Jason, we need to be alone." He nods and exist through a small brown door. When he's gone, she focuses her attention towards me. "What is your name, child."

"I'm Katelyn." My guard is up, and my words are cold, but she doesn't seem to notice.

"I know your name. Were you born into slavery? What got you sent to the camp?"

"No. I wasn't, and well... It's complicated," she purses her lips not satisfied with my answer.

"You pretty enough, and you managed to escape, which must mean you have some form of intellectual capacity. I've also heard good things about you from the generals. You will have to do, I suppose. Although that awful hair..." I ignore her cryptic words, panic overtaking me.

"I need to go back, this girl who saved me... I need to rescue her."

"Is this girl Elina, perhaps?" I nod, "She works with me, and is perfectly safe. Believe me, none of my generals are as trained in combat as she is. She might be playing weak, but she knows what she's doing, as you will too soon, if you accept of course."

"Accept what?" I ask. She smiles.

"I want you to become our savior. The one who will free us all."

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