*Five Months Later*

"Oh! I love it." Kiley streaks as I showed her pictures of the finished walk-in closets and finished wall color and floor bored.

"You are amazing." Nyssa smiles as she admires the pictures.

"Thank you." I grin proudly.

"You're a miracle worker." Kiley hugs me and walk me to my car. "Don't forget to let me know if you're having a boy or a girl." She rubs my stomach.

Over the last few months, I've became great friends with Kiley and her friends.

I get home and to imagine my shock to see Roman's motorcycle parked in my driveway but he's no where to be found.

I walk inside and see him sitting on the couch thinking very hard about something.

"What are you doing here?" I glare at him.

" I want to talk."

"Time for talking was up when you walked out on me." I snap.

"I missed you." He says and my eyes travel to his neck and there are multiple hickies.

"Couldn't have missed me too much." I reply dryly.

He tenses.

"It was just sex, it's nothing compared to being with you. "

I scoffed walking past him to my room and changed into a pair of Nike sweats and a tank top. I was so fucking mad, I didn't even notice him standing behind me.

"So what now? You're going to keep me away from our child?" He asks his eyes glued to my stomach.

"I would never do that, but you're either in my baby's life or you're not." I snapped.

"I know you hate me right now, for what I did and how I reacted, I'm so fucking sorry. I abandon you for five months and I'm going to be here for the rest of your pregnancy tending to your every need and every doctor's appointment whether you want me here or not, so don't even argue. I'll either stay here with you here or you come and stay with me. Choice is yours." He stands firm on his decision.

"You can stay here in the extra room." I sigh because I knew it was pointless to argue with him.

He takes my house key and leaves out.

He comes back an hour later with a bag packed and some Chinese food.

He hands me a plate but I refuse. "I'm not hungry." I sigh losing my appetite at the sight of those hickies and bruises that are definitely sex related.

"You're pregnant, you not only eating for yourself but for our baby." He chastises me. "Look, I'm sorry about the other women and I hope we can move forward from this." He says sincerely.

"Now you care about the baby." I muttered folding my arms sill refusing the plate.

He sighs and set the plate on coffee table and without a warning, he pulls me onto his lap.

 "I'm so fucking sorry, I left you to deal with this by yourself. I'm so fucking sorry for leaving you to deal with this for five months. I'm so fucking sorry for sleeping with other girls. I'm an asshole who doesn't deserve your forgiveness but whether you like it or not, I'm going to be here for you and for our baby." He pulls my head to his chest.

"You mean it?" I asked in a soft, quivering voice.

"Yes, I mean it." His fingers massages my scalp.

"Can we stay at your place?" I asked like a tiny child.

"You want to stay with me?" He asks shocked.

I nod snuggling deeper in his chest missing the feel of him, the smell of him, just being with him.

"Are you sure you forgive me for how I behaved?" He asked in a low voice.

"No.I don't forgive you but I will eventually. You're the father of our baby and I can't hate no matter how hard I try."

He smiles down at me.

An hour later, we were pulling up in front of his house but in his car.

"Do you want to sleep in my room or do you want your own?" He asked the last question hesitantly.

"With you." I said glancing up at him through my lashes. He gives me that sexy half smile I love.                

"I want to show something I've been working on." He sets my bag in his room.

He leads me to a room about two doors down from his.

He opens it and then looks back at me.

I gasp at when I saw it was a nursery with white and silver gray with horizontal striped wall. A white crib with a pink mattress, a white diaper changing table. Purple rocking chair and purple toy chest. A diaper genie, a bassinette, a baby monitor on the side table. A wipe warmer, a bouncy seat, a dresser, a clothes hamper, shelves with stuffed animals on them.

"What do you think?" He asked and come up behind me to wrap his arm around my waist and rest his hand on my protruding stomach.

"I love it." I gushed. "When did you do this?" I asked.

"When I was being an ass." He kisses my cheek and I tense up because the wounds of him sleeping with other women are still fresh on my mind.

 "I'm sorry. I know you still haven't forgiven me." He sighs and rests his head on top of mines.

"I'm slowly getting there." I turn around to face him and stand on my tip toes and lightly peck his lips.

"Let's watch a movie." I smile pulling away.

 "What do you want to watch?" He asked.

 "Anything's fine." I shrugged sitting down on the couch.

He plops in a disc and Identity Thief pops up on the screen.

He lays down on the couch and pulls me in-between his legs with my back to his front and his arms wrapped gently around my stomach with his hands resting on my baby bump.

I turn my attention toward the

Slowly I started to feel darkness come over me as I slip into deep sleep.

Roman POV

I heard soft snores to only find Polly sound asleep.

I miss watching her sleep, watching her eat, I wish I can take back those five months I caused her pain, but I can't. I didn't deserve her forgiveness for what I did.

 As I was in my own thoughts, I feel something move against my hand and I look down to see my hand on her stomach. I felt it again and again.

Our baby is kicking. I can't believe it. I'm smiling so wide my jaw starts to hurt.

 He or She kept kicking for a good half hour before settling down.

I turn off the TV and quietly and smoothly maneuvered myself from under her so she wouldn't wake. I carefully pick her up and head to my room.

I gently lay her down on the bed and cover her up.

I strip down to my boxers and climb into the bed with her and pull her to my chest. I rest my chin on top of her head and gently stroke her back in small circles until I fall asleep myself.


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