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* * * *

Finishing to take a shower, I head back to my room.

    Tidying up my room, I start to hear a phone ring.

"BRUCE!! FOR YOU! IT'S THE COACH!!" Amy yells, from the hallway.

    Raising my brow, I sprint out of my room.

Grabbing the phone, Amy walks back to her room.

    Putting the phone to my ear, I say


"Bruce? Hey!" Smiling, I say

"Hey, coach! What's up?"

"Nothing much. Just wanted to know if it's alright if I meet this Y/N girl, tomorrow. If she's going to be in the girl's team, she needs her uniform." Coach explains,

"I see....alright! I'll let her know, and see what things go on from there." I reply, nodding to myself.

"Sounds good, than. Good night."

"Night, coach!" Hanging up, I put the phone back.

Hopefully Y/N is okay with meeting up with coach, tomorrow! This means if she does, that I'll be seeing her again. Have someone to talk to.

It's been getting pretty lonely at home, lately. Mom and dad not being home. Sense, they're both on business trips.

They're going to be coming back soon, though!

    And when they do, we'll all celebrate my win together. As a family.

That's something that I'm really looking forward to! I can't wait.

Billy and I were still walking around, together. Talking. I was mostly telling him about how I was getting more into baseball! And how....

I have an upcoming game, to be looking forward to.....

"When's the game?" Billy ask's, interested. Looking at him, I say

"Hm. I actually kinda forgot- I'll make sure to tell you when it is, when I find out again. Maybe on the phone," Billy nods.

"Alright! Oh. Uh, Miss? I do not have your number...." Billy say's, looking down.

"Oh! You don't?" I say, raising my brows. He shake's his head, no.

"I see. I'll give it to you, right now! Have a paper??"

"Oh, no I do not...." Billy say's, looking down.

"It's alright! Luckily, I have a pen on me. Hand, please?" Billy than holds out his hand. Leaning down, I write my number on his hand.

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