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Camila's POV

I was sat on the couch on Lauren's lap straddling her. My arms were around her neck and hers, not surprisingly, were cupping my ass.

I moaned softly into her mouth as her tongue was exploring every inch of mine. She disconnected our lips and started to trail wet kisses down my neck, stopping at my pulse point to nibble on it lightly.

I played with the baby hairs at the back of neck, something she loved that I did, as she moved down to nip and suck at my collarbones.

I had been thinking a lot lately, about how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I knew for a fact that I wanted it to be with Lauren, ever since the first time I talked to the green eyed beauty at a high school party in my sophomore year. Well actually, she talked to me first but that's beside the point.

Lauren was a senior at my high school. All the guys and girls wanted her, including me, except, I wasn't vocal about it.

She was the most popular girl in school and with that, she was also known as the badass of the school. She would always be wearing leather jackets and combat boots. Wherever she was, she was getting into all types of trouble racking up plenty of detentions.

I was nothing but an underclassmen and a nerd, who had never gotten so much as a detention before. We were polar opposites and I thought she would never want anyone like me.

I was practically a nobody with one friend, who unlike me, was outgoing and knew almost everyone. Some people didn't get why we were even friends. I was an introvert and she was an extrovert.

I usually stayed at home on Friday and Saturday nights with my nose in a book and my headphones in playing music softly. That wasn't the way typical teenagers spent their weekends but that's how I did.

One night Dinah, my best and only friend, convinced me to go to a party with her, it took a lot of convincing but I reluctantly agreed to go.

She picked me out a slender red dress, that showed off all of my curves perfectly and in all the right places. She did my hair in waves and and applied light make up to my face. I had never really worn any make up before. I didn't think I needed it with wearing glasses and all, nobody would be able to see it anyways.

"Damn Mila, you look hot!" She said as we both looked at my appearance in the mirror. She wasn't lying, I did look rather attractive and that was a lot coming from me considering I wasn't the most confident person ever.

After she finished getting dressed herself, we made our way to the party. To say I was out of my element was an understatement. As we entered the house it smelled of weed and alcohol. There was loud music blasting throughout the house, making the walls vibrate and I felt as if my eardrums would burst at any second.

There were sweaty bodies everywhere, either passed out, drunk off their asses or dancing around wildly. Either way, I was not feeling this party.

Someone offered me a red plastic cup, I smelled the liquid substance before scrunching my nose and sitting the cup back down somewhere.

"Loosen up Walz! Have some fun," she said walking away. "Get laid!" She shouted over the music as she entered what I guessed was the kitchen to greet her other friends.

As Dinah left my side I had no idea of what I was supposed to do. Like I said, I had never really left my house so being at a party was uncharted territory, a whole new experience. But being the little nerd I was, I decided to bring a book with me to the party. If Dinah would have saw me, she wouldn't shredded the book into pieces.

I sat on the couch in the living room, where there was a couple heavily making out beside me. I tried to ignore them as best as I could and got my book out.

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