Suzume's POV

   Kimimaro had transformed into a creature with a tail, and spiky bones protruding through his skin. His snow white hair became gray, his once pale skin was now a dark brownish color. He had black markings around his eyes.

   Gaara tried to crush him with sand coffin, but he ran right through it! Gaara tried to use the sand below us to catch Kimimaro, but it didn't work.

   Hey, sweet cheeks, chakra? Pretty please?

   I said it was just that once, and I meant it.

   Well, someone's a grouch today!

   Making the most of the strength I had left, I walked and stood next to Gaara. There wasn't much I could do to help him now. Once Kimimaro got close to him, Gaara put up a sand shield. To my surprise, Kimimaro tackled right through it, sending Gaara up in the air.

   "Gaara!" My air flooded out of the tube, and half of it went to catch Gaara, while half of it swirled around me, ready to attack.

   "Is that the best you can do, with your ultimate defense?" Kimimaro questioned. I'm disappointed!" Looking over at Gaara, I noticed my wind had caught him, leaving only a small crack in his sand armor.

   Lee tried to intervene. "They're not your only opponents! I am here as well!" He shouted, trying to land a kick on Kimimaro. The latter went to swing his tail at Lee, and luckily at the last minute, I enclosed Lee in a protective bubble of air, that I blew away with a gust of wind. The bubble burst once it hit the ground.

   "Fine." Kimimaro said to Gaara and I. "You two die first." In one fluid motion, Kimimaro pulled his own spine out from his back! EW!

   "Clematis dance," He said. "First, the vine." He took his spine and wrapped it around Gaara and I. Gaara covered himself in a blanket of sand, and I was in an air bubble.

   "Then, the flower," He continued. A bone began to spiral up his arm, coming to a sharp point by the palm of his hand. "It'll bore right through you, defenses and all-" He was cut off by a coughing fit.

   Send out some air.


   Because the protective shield kept me from using air from my jar, I had to put my chakra into some of the air around us. Gaara made a shield of sand that took the form of Shukaku. I guessed what I was supposed to do, and I made a protective layer of air in front of it.

   "Ultimate defense!" Gaara called. "Shukaku shield!"

   Our defenses together broke Kimimaro's bone.

   "I took the hardest minerals from the soil I gathered and fused it into the sand using my chakra," Gaara said. "Tell me, that's a very interesting jutsu. Kekkei genkai, right?"

   "It used to belong to the Kaguya clan," Kimimaro answered. "Now it belongs to me."

   "You're the last of your clan? Well your clan perishes today."

   "That very well may be the case. My body has weakened. It may not last much longer. But I will still live on. I am not alone." Kimimaro goes on about how he will live on in Orochimaru's heart.

   "Orochimaru's brainwashed you well," Gaara said.

   "You sad little pawn," I added.

   Ripples appeared underneath Kimimaro's feet, and he began to sink into the ground. I burst my air bubble, and I severed the spine with an air blade, freeing Gaara and I. The Shukaku shield dissolved into sand.

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