"And I guess you would be that baby mama baby girl," he said with a smirk.

"Ass," I thought to myself,"Let go of me asshole I have to go to work," I told him glaring up at him.

"My pleasure," he let go of me, and pushed me forward.

I turned back to him, and flipped him off, and walked into the mall.

God, why the hell did I let that guy get to me?

When I got inside forever 21 Becky, my friend was leaning over the counter near the cash register.

"Oh my god what took you so long Tina?" She asked me.

I walked behind the counter and, jumped on it, and told her the whole thing that happened outside earlier.

"Well, he sounds cute," she laughed.

"He is, but he doesn't seem like a good guy." I said her while putting on my name tag.

"Can you go put those new stock of clothes on the shelves." she asked, and I told her yeah.

I was finally folding the clothes, and putting them on the shelves.

The store bell rang, and I heard Becky say her welcoming words to the person.
She was giggling, and I knew she was flirting, because that is her flirting giggle.

I knew Becky like an open book, I mean we have been friends since 7th grade.

I finally got done with the clothes, and went to go see this mystery boy she was flirting with.

I was walking to the counter wondering if it's just a customers son or something, but no it had to be the boy from outside.

God help me!

When I got to the counter she turned her head to look at me, and she stood up straight.

"Hey Tina this is Jason," she introduced me to him I didn't know his name, but I did now.

"That's him Becky from earlier," I said to her and rolled my eyes.

She said oh, and looked back at him, and started talking to him again.

I rolled my eyes, and started helping the other customers in the store.

After a while I got fed up with her, because she wasn't doing her job at all she was too busy flirting

"Becky enough start doing your damn job, and say goodbye to Jackson." I said his name wrong to piss him off a little.

"It's Jason you dumb bitch," he mumble the last part.

"Okay yeah, goodbye before I call security on you," I told him.

He rolled his eyes and started to walk out, but before he walked out he winked at Becky and left.

She sat there smiling like a little school girl having a crush, ugh sometimes I can't stand her.

"So, Tina do you wanna go to a party later on?" She asked me and I told her I'll think about it.


I clocked out of work and walked out of the mall to my car to see Jason still parked by me.

He was probably waiting on Becky or something.

Then he rolled down his window and smirked at me, then rolled back up his window and pulled off.


I got in my car and started driving home and started thinking about what he just did I would be lying if I said that wasn't hot.

I pulled up at my house ran to the door, and kicked off my shoes, and plopped on the couch.

God I was tired and wanted to take a nap I was exhausted from work,

It was seven o'clock, so I just walked upstairs to my room and dove into my bed.

I turned on my tv and watched Shameless, if you didn't know what that show was, then you have major issues my friend.

After I watched a episode I went to sleep and didn't wake up until nine-thirty-ish. my phone started ringing it was Becky I was debating whether or not if I should answer her call.

I did anyways.


"T do you want to go to that party I told you about earlier?"

"I don't know I'm tired as hell I don't think I want to," I told her.

"Ugh come on have some fun in your life, don't be that person rethinking if the made the right choice or not in life, have something to tell your kids." she said to me.

"Ugh okay let me get dressed and I'll be at your house later on," I told her and hung up.

God give me strength.

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