Chapter 1-Camp.

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My curly hair fell into my face; I wore short shorts, and a tank top, cramming everything into my bag. I had been stuck inside the house for far too long. It was time to go somewhere.

It was time to go to summer camp.

I would be there for a month, and I was more than eager. I zipped up my third bag, they were clothes and shoes and the very few electronics I needed. They weren’t all that big, but I didn’t need much. It was summer camp. But if I remember Camp Sebastian from last year, I needed all the clothes I could scrounge up. I smiled, looking at the jam packed bags in front of me. I felt my long hair creeping down on my lower back; I took the band off my wrist and slung it up in a ponytail.

I couldn’t wait until I was sharing a dorm with my girls, Chevvy and December.  They were, in fact, my best friends. We went to summer camp every year, and we always went to the same ole same ole Camp Sebastian. It was rinky dinky and cheap, but it was somewhere to escape to.

I left my larger bedroom, and brought my bags with me. My mom was chattering away-surely to be on a business call. What’s new? And my dad pitter pattered away on the laptop. I’m sure something to do with work. I sighed. Sometimes I wondered if they even noticed I left for summer camp every year.

“Hey Mom!” I called to her, she raised her eyebrows in my general direction. I signaled my hand to the safe, she nodded her head. Dig in. I did. I pulled out 6,000 dollars, and shoved it into my sling over purse. I looked at the money. Not enough for a whole summer. I shoved another 12 grand into the bag. I hid it carefully.  I liked to pay for the girls, and myself, they bought their way into camp-but I liked to buy everything else. Not just because I like to spend my parents money because they neglect me to get it. Okay, maybe that is the reason. Whatever.  I slid on the pair of flip flops by the door, even though I had two in my bag. I needed a lot.

I smiled as the bus pulled uip, I slid into the bus.

I stopped when I saw Chevvy and December located right beside her.

I sniffed the hot summer air around me, the bus doors shut and I trailed to my seat. I finally looked around.

This wasn’t the camp bus I knew.

The bright red symbol of a ‘1’ and a ‘D’ showed everywhere. What did that mean? I slid my bags into the compartment area, and situated myself beside Chevvy and December. I leaned into them, flashing them a look. They smiled innocently.

“What have you gotten us into this time?” I looked peevishly between the two.

“Okay.” December sighed. “Remember that band Chevvy loves SO much?”

I nodded, flashing Chevvy a look-she smiled even wider.

“Well….this is a one-time camp for them.” She smiled.

I didn’t know a thing about this band.

I squinted my eyes at the two, I smiled. You know what? This is what friends are for, right? Let friends dream on about bands and people they may never have a chance with? Yes. Exactly. I nodded.

“Alright then.” I sighed. At least its camp.

They played some music I had never heard before, Chevvy and December were rocking out-so was everyone else. I sat there awkwardly in my seat. I was glad to see the camp come into view.

I grabbed my duffel bags, and so did Chevvy and December. I grabbed their hands, and walked out of the bus through all the other girls on the bus. We came out in one piece. There were at most 125 girls there. Not a big camp, but bigger than camp Sebastian. I looked where there was a stage, and a bunch of screaming girls.

We all grabbed each other into the crowd, tagging around the back so we could get out of the messy crowd ASAP.

5 boys strutted onto the stage, and the girls went wild, I sat there-attentive.

“Hi! We are One Direction!” they chimed-they got louder. I didn’t think it was possible to get much louder. A blonde boy came into view, he told us that the camp check in was over there, and if you had more than 2 people accompanying you, you’d have your own dorm. I smiled, and looked over at the checkout center. I darted to it. The girls looked at me funny, but I was the first signed up-and the first standing by a flag pole. I looked up at the flag, it was that same red symbol I saw everywhere. Apparently the boys dismissed the girls into the area, and I watched at Chevvy and December filed over to me.

“I go the best room. Large-awesome view of the beach.  Crazy, amazing. Thank me later.” I smiled. They kissed me on the cheeks. It was our thing. One of things only best friends could do to each other and it wasn’t lesbian or anything.

I started walking to the dorm, and I handed the girls the key. I needed a swim.

“Go on into the dorm, take my bags babes? It says there are three full beds, I want the one closest to the window. Chevvy-you need the one in the middle, and December the one closest to the bathroom!” I smiled.

It had to be unhealthy for three girls to know each other so well. They knew me better than I knew myself, honestly.

I had been wearing a bathing suit under my outfit for 8 hours, the entire drive from Arkansas to Alabama. I sprinted off to the beach, I needed a bit of a stretch. I made it to the white beach, sun shining down. I checked the back of my pocket, pulling out the tiny little bottle of sun-screen. I squirted as much as I could out of the well used bottle, and applied it to my shoulder and face. I slid off my clothes, and ended up in my bathing suit. I washed myself in the salty waves.

The water was the only place i thought about anything. I would float around for hours. Or sit in the shower for the longest. Thinking. I dived in, and saw somewhere in the very distance splashes of color. It was far off from the shore, where I was. I had huge duck feet, so I even surprised myself how far I could swim in the time I did. I was probably well out of sight of anyone, there was a tiny little block of sand, rising to  a smaller island. It had been at least an hour since I left, I could tell because my legs were a bit sorer, and the sun was hitting full blaze.

I spread out in the sand, and decided it was about time to head back, I slid into the ocean again, following the same path I did to get here, and I was back at the beach. That tiny splotch of sand could be useful for me one day. Maybe when I could handle the people anymore. Maybe when I needed to escape.

I made it to the beach, my body was exhausted.  I grabbed my clothes, and slid into them. I turned around to knock straight into blonde boy. I made an awkward ‘oomph’ sound. I flailed my arms backwards, landing on mu huge butt.

“Who do you think you are?” I said standing up, sand covered my clothes, I hand it all over me and my sun screen bottle was filled with it.

I looked at him, he seemed astonished.   

“I-I’m Niall. Niall Horan.”

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