Chapter 1:

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Again Rosalie woke in pools of sweat, panting and insanely terrified. For about ten minutes she tried her hardest to remember what had yet again put her into this state of hysterics which had happened every night since she was had turned twelve. No. It was gone. She slowly ran her shaking hands through her damp red hair and forced herself to sit up. Glancing momentarily at the clock she saw it was the same time as every time she awoke after the supposed re-occurring night terror: 6:06am. Eventually Rosalie managed to propel herself from her sweat covered bed and push herself into the shower. School today, great. She then remembered Tucker, the new guy at school, the only guy at school that made life bearable. Of course there was Melinda and Layla, but ever since she'd told them about her strange experiences of waking up in hysterics they'd both seemed somewhat distant.

Whilst mentally picking an outfit, her grey eyes moved while she followed her line of thought as she imagined each item of clothing separately, mentally pairing skirts with shirts, shoes with belts and hair slides with hair styles, she eventually chose a pair of black skinny jeans, a cute purple top and some black ugg boots. She finally pushed herself from the shower and set about mentally and physically making sure she was prepared for the strains of yet another strenuous school day. After mascara had been applied, hair carefully straightened into place and clothes had been thrown on, she grabbed her school bag and phone and headed downstairs.

As usual there was no one in, no sign of human inhabitance but a note lovingly scribbled with the pen still left out next to it on the otherwise pristine kitchen counter. Rose had no need to read it as she was pretty sure it would say the same thing as usual, 'Sorry Rose, won't be home to cook dinner tonight but there is some money in the drawer, I promise one day soon we will go out to a restaurant to make up for all our missed,' at this point her mother would often accidentally write 'appointments' and then cross it out with a line neatly through the middle of the word and then continue, 'nights, you know how sorry I am but working as a psychiatrist leaves me constantly on call, I'll be home by eleven, sorry pet, love mum xx' But out of habit the poor girl read it anyway, it read exactly as expected. This feeble note was pretty much the only example of communication she had with her mother, so as usual she slowly wrote back 'Ok mum, no worries. I'll leave you some of what I cook in the fridge. Rosie xx' from day to day Rosie liked to differ what she wrote in hopes that her mother would soon catch on and write something other than her few words of affection and maybe, one day she would be free and finally keep that promise of an evening out with the fifteen year old girl who desperately missed her mother.  

The school day dragged on as per usual. Rosalie yawned numerous times throughout the day, she coasted through the work assigned to her without even trying. Her IQ was far higher than that of a normal 16 year old girl. Yet her ability to trust? Almost non-existant. Her family situation left much to be desired, leaving her to cope with almost everything alone. It wasn't that she'd had a hard childhood, she'd had absolutely everything she could wish for. Apart from her parents. She often found herself drifting back into the magnificent dream world of being a five year old. Having both her parents constantly around, not wanting to miss a thing their beautiful daughter did. They were so in love, so carefree. DRRRRRRRRRING DRRRRRRRRRING.

Rosalie's head snapped forwards towards the front of the classroom, looking over three rows of shuffling heads to the clock. Lunch. Only two more lessons after, you can make it Rosalie, she willed herself onwards. Slowly lifting her books and clasping them to her chest with her left hand, she bent and grabbed her bag with her right. She stepped sideways into the aisle, walking with determination towards the teachers desk she placed her essay, along with full extra credit report, of course, infront of Mrs Murphy. She turned to leave the room, reaching the door before Mrs Murphy called to her, in a voice that demanded full attention, without quite shouting:

"Rosalie Windemere. I'd appreciate it if you were to listen in my class in the future. I am aware that you are finding the work far too simple, and YOU are aware that there is nothing I can do to change this. I do not set the curriculum and are therefore not able to give you a more challenging syllabus. I know you find school work tedious and uncalled for, but the other students find it unfair that you do not focus during my lessons. So I can no longer let it go unnoticed."

Rosalie, now facing Mrs Murphy, simply nodded. She had long ago given up fighting her side of the argument, too tired of the same response she recieved. Again Mrs Murphy began, this time her tones softer, kinder:

"Although saying that, as in most of your other classes, you remain top, congratulations on your Personal writing piece, it moved me to tears, of both joy and sorrow. Thank you for sharing this with me. You're free to go Rosalie."

Rosalie opened the Tacky, plastic door with a creak into the long locker filled hallway, she gently closed the door holding her face to it. Mentally preparing herself for the strains of attempting to keep up with Layla and Melinda's dull conversations. They often spoke about shopping, shoes and the latest 'hot' celebrity. Rosalie sighed and began to turn.

"Hey babes." Said a smooth voice from behind her as a snake like arm wrapped itself around her waist.

"Jake, no." Rosalie stated bluntly without turning to look at him. His short brown hair would be slightly ruffled, his perfectly sculpted muscles rippling under his shirt. Your classic example of the most popular boy at school. So cliche. Rosalie found her mind wandering back to her first day here 9 months ago: Without any friends she sat alone in the lunch hall. She heard a silky voice, turning wide eyed to face the source. She discovered the most beautiful boy she'd ever laid her eyes on. She'd gasped as she took in his short messy chocolate coloured hair, his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. She'd stared into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

"Rosalie?" Snapped back to reality.

"Jake, I said no." She uncurled his arm from around her small waist.

"Rosy baby, at least hear me out. I didn't mean to hurt you. It's over between Caroline and me! I promi.." Rosalie span round to face him and shoved his chest, stopping him mid-word.

"JAKE. LISTEN. TO. ME." She punctuated the words with sharp pushes to his chest. "It's been over between us for a month now. You ruined what we had. How many times do i have to tell you before you understand. The moment that you kissed her it was over between us. What's more? You always treated me like shit." After hurling these last few words she headed towards the cafeteria with purpose, head held high. Leaving Jake astonished, running his hands through his hair.

Finally reaching the cafeteria Rosalie bought a bag of salt and vinegar McCoys and an apple. Using her fingerprint to pay, she still found the whole process strange. When she'd first started at Riverview Secondary school, she'd felt like a convict, having her fingerprints taken for this hi-tech system. Clutching her delicious purchases, she glanced around momentarily before finding the familiar faces for which she had been searching. Layla and Melinda appeared to be deeply engrossed in a very serious conversation. Rosalie knew better, they were probably in the middle of a heated debate regarding team Jacob and team Edward, the latest hot topic of interest.

Making her way through groups of students, she arrived at her destination the two girls looked up as she pulled her chair out, scraping it across the linoleum floor. 'Hey Rosie, have you heard about New Moon yet?' Quizzed Mel before she'd even sat down.
Luckily, she'd overheard some girls prattling on about the newest Twilight sequel gossip in Maths that morning  'She's finally going to get with Jacob right! I know, I couldn't believe it!' Layla shot her daggers while Mel beamed at her.

'Oh my god, it's great to finally have someone to talk about it too! Lays been a sore loser all day..'

'She's destined to be with Edward! It's just not right, Jacob's like a brother to her!' Layla interrupted.

A debate erupted among the two girls.

Outwardly, Rosalie appeared interested, inwardly, she groaned as she prepared to waste yet another lunch time pretending to be someone she wasn't. Mel had been her first friend here, so she'd chosen to be on her side of the extremely pressing matter, just like most other matters that were popular among kids her age. Honestly, she found it all tiresome and of little importance.

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