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"Why are you inside and alone?" The person joining me as I sat in my kitchen.

"Not in the mood to be out there." I simply said

"Or more like you're avoiding a certain somebody." I sighed and just nodded

"You should just talk to her. I'm sure she would like that." They suggested

"I doubt she would Alex. I messed up so bad. I had my chance and ruined it." Putting my head down on the counter.

"Never know until you try. Maybe there's a second chance waiting for you." Patting my back

"You think so." Lifting my head

"Yeah man I do." Smiling at me

Maybe he's right. I have to try and see. It couldn't hurt right?

Only that it does.

Me and Alex walked into the backyard to see her and this boy together. He kissed her cheek as he held her. She had the smile that I loved plastered on her face. That used to be me. Making her smile that big. Making her happy.

I watched as her eyes met mine and saw how they saddened a little. She looked as if she wanted to say something, if she did I didn't give her a chance as I ran up to my room.

She moved on. Of course she would. I never gave her a reason to stay. I was the one who pushed her in the arms of someone else. I forced myself to look out my other window that was above the backyard. Through the crowd of people down there all I can see is her. She always stood out to me. Was always me and her, now it's him and her. I watched her a little longer seeing how happy she was with this guy. They were the only ones dancing. Everyone watching in awe. If that's what's making her happy all I can do is support it. If she's happy then I am too. It may take a while to get there, but I think I can do it. For her I will.


Danny and Michael had surprised me showing up to the party. They both said they wasn't able to make it. I ran and hugged them both. Michael was last and he kissed me cheek. When I pulled away I saw Austin looking at us. I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt as I seen his hurt face. I wanted to say something I just didn't know what. Even if I did, he ran away to fast for me. I sighed and just tried to enjoy the rest of the party.

"Let's dance!" Michael said dragging me to the middle of yard.

"Michaelll!" trying to pull away and hide away. I can't dance and especially not in front of all these people.

"Dance with me please?" He begs giving me a look I just can't say no to. I gave in and danced.

"Just look at me. Only me and you okay." As he held me. It was some old slow song playing.

"I'm glad you came. I as sad when you said you couldn't" I told him

"Wanted it to be a surprise. And I'm glad I came to. Was starting to miss you." He said tightening his grip on me.

"A good one."

"Well since you like my surprise I have another one for you." letting go of me

"Mikey, you know I hate surprises." I whined

"I know, that's why I'm a little nervous. I'm just going to go for it alright.." He took a deep breath before speaking again

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I just stared at him. Did he just ask me out. I mean I know over the months we got really close, since we are roommates. Do I even want to be with him? I might have had a bit of hope Austin would talk to me and maybe we'd figure something out. He just avoided me. And Michael is so sweet and I did grow feelings for him. I guess I know what I'm going to do.


7 months later

Christmas was here. And Michael was spending it with me and my family. We are still together and is growing strong. I couldn't be happier. Now that I'm home again, I can't help but look out my window over at Austin's. All through the summer I did the same. He never spoke to me, it hurts that he won't. But the boys said he was okay and just informed me on him whenever I asked. As I was staring at his room he walked in. We instantly made eye contact. I blushed but didn't look away.

I waved and smiled at him. What surprised me is that he returned it. That made me so happy.

He blew on his window fogging it up. Then wrote Merry Christmas on it. I laughed and did the same. This just reassured me that everything is okay now.

Austin Mahone, the boy I watched out my window hot summer days, the boy that nice to me as his friends teased me, the boy that was always there for me, the boy I fell in love with, he nothing more than just the boy next door.

The end! I want to say thank you to everyone who read this and voted and stuff. This was the first story I ever finished and I'm happy that it's over lol. I will be making another story, so look out. Again just thank you to everyone :)

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