Chapter 11 - Keeping Secrets

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Greek alphabet at the top to show hierarchy 'statuses' or ranks.

"We officially welcome you to the pack, Alpha." Says Will, speaking for everybody.

He's still got a grin plastered on his face from earlier which makes it hard for me not to blush a little. The packs don't only call Joshua their Alpha but also now me. Some packs call them 'Lunas' but a lot of packs don't like to use that term. Personally I don't like it either.

"Thank you, Will." I answer. Josh squeezes my hand under the table reassuringly. I missed that touch.

Everybody starts tucking into food, even Darcy which is usually quite picky about what she eats. Everybody but Bethany. She seems to be fiddling with her knife most of the time.

I watch her, carefully. She gives Darcy a dirty look. Then she looks at me. At that point we make eye contact across the table. I wait for her to submit but she doesn't for a long 8 seconds. I growl at her, quietly. She gives me a glare, still looking into my eyes. Then to my surprise she actually gives off a very quiet growl back.

Oh no, you didn't, I think to myself, mindlinking her.

"Bethany Evans, stop it now." Barks Josh. She looks at him, quickly. She looks more pissed than ever.

I grit my teeth together, giving her the deadliest look. She's not getting away with this and if it wasn't for Darcy being in this room, she would already be on the floor. I don't want to scare Darcy but she has to be getting used to the werewolf world sooner or later.

I keep on growling, anger building up instead of me calming down. Even though Bethany now looks pained and defeated, I'm not going to let her slip.

"Lexie..." Trails off my brother, trying to stop me.

I'm about to pounce at her but Josh grabs my waist and burries his face in my neck. I'm still pissed off than ever, that is until he swivels me round to face him and kisses me on the lips quickly.

"Bethany Cody Evans, your rank is now lowered to a Theta." Speaks Josh after connecting his lips to mine.

Her jaw hits the ground. "Theta?!"

"Yes, Theta. You're lucky it's not a Sigma. Don't you dare disrespect the leader of this pack. Lexie is an Alpha not only of your old pack but also now this one." He snaps bitterly.

Nobody says a thing. The room is silent except the munching heard from Darcy. She doesn't seem to be affected by this situation at all, in fact she seems to be enjoying it, acting like in a cinema.

"That includes the loss of privelage to sit at this table, Theta." He tells her. She looks furious but helpless as she stands up and leaves the dining room.

I let out a deep sigh. "Excuse me." I say, getting off Josh's lap as I walk out to the direction of the bathroom.

I walk through a few corridors and into the bathroom. I splash my face with some cold water, trying not to completely ruin my make-up. Then I smell Bethany. I look up to find her standing in the door frame.

"What is your problem?" I ask, truely wanting to know. She crosses her arms.

"You and him are mates?" She asks.

"If by him you mean Josh, yes." I reply.

She scoffs. I walk up to her in a steady pace, now really close to her. Only now I realise I'm quite a bit taller than her.

"What is your problem?" I repeat, each word containing the same bitterness and anger.

"Oh, Lexie... There are so many things you don't know about..." She tells me, trying to build curiosity in me and let me tell you, it's working.

"What things?" I ask in a demanding tone.

"Well..." She fiddles with a curl. "Why don't you ask you mate if you really want to know?"

I don't say a thing for a while. Then she bows her head (for once) and leaves and I dont stop her.

Instead of coming back to lunch, I go to my room and decide to take a nap.


I wake up, locking my eyes with a pair of beautiful dark ones that I recognise perfectly well. Josh smiles at me as I yawn, stretching. I actually fell asleep... I usually can't in the middle of the day.

"Hey, beautiful." He whispers, greeting me. I smile at him, still laying down.

"What time is it?" I ask, yawning again.

"Nearly nine o'clock." He answers.

I widen my eyes and sit up. "Nine o'clock?!" I shout, not realising how long I've slep for.

"Yeah, don't worry. We survived without you. I took Darcy to the woods for a walk, I hope you don't mind. We had a lot of fun... she seems to like me. She's sleeping in my room right now." He says.

Hearing this makes my heart fill with happiness. Maybe we can make this work. Maybe this will work.

"Josh... We need to talk." I say, seriously. He looks at me, concentrating.

"Darcy... Darcy is... She's..." I start, trying to spit it out. He looks confused and concerned.

"Is something wrong? Is she okay?" He asks, worry in his tone.

"Yes, she's more than okay... Josh... You're Darcy's biological father." I say and hope I won't be dead in the next minute.

He stares at me, not reacting at all. He doesn't do anything but blink once in a while.

"Say something." I say. He looks me in the eyes and the edges of his lips curve up slightly.

"The night you got drunk at that club... That's when you got pregnant with Darcy?" He asks.

I nod my head silently. He looks down to the floor and stays silent for a while. Then he looks up and kisses me so quickly I don't have time to react. Before I know it I'm moving my lips in sinc with his for a few minutes.

When I'm out of breath, I push his chest away slightly. Our foreheads are touching as we take a moment to breathe.

"Are you happy?" I ask.

"Very." He answers and it's like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

"But why didn't you tell me straight away?" He asks, still breathing heavily.

"I wanted to wait because I didn't know if I would stay here and if I could trust you." I reply.

"And now you do?" He asks.

I nod. "I will when you answer my question."

He looks at me confused.

"Did anything ever go between you and Bethany?" I ask.

He looks away. "Why are you asking?"

"Because I can see the way she looks at you! I'm not stupid! Today she told me there's things I need to know... What is the truth, Josh?" I plead.

He tucks away a strand of my hair, trailing lines on my neck with his finger. Then he holds onto my hand.

"Come on, I want to show you something." He says and I follow him.

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