Fabricated World

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<<Based on a 2-D horror game "IB". It is a prologue to set the stage for the young lead character of the story>>

"The heavy doors that acted like a narrow canal, a passageway from a secret place to the cold and barren outside world has finally been opened. Sweaty foreign men slid back and forth, carrying mysteriously cloaked frames and cases into the empty and soulless shell that would be soon known as Guertena’s Museum of Artistic Knowledge and Skills..." 

Welcome to the Guertena's Art Museum- brand new and ever so powerful. Join Elliot in an extraordinary story of how the Guertena Art Museum formed and became this wicked and powerful. A prologue for the main story plot of "Ib". 

Before the little girl even steps into this museum, here's what happened...

And trust me, it wasn't pretty.....

Cover Art Stock- http://nostalgic-stock.deviantart.com/art/Medieval-House-9316226

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