Death (SFW?)

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You and Death were never friends.

Death liked taking your loved ones away from you one by one until you were all alone.

They've died in very unique ways, from unsuspecting car accidents to something such as bones suddenly breaking in their sleep.

Scratch never being friends; you hated him.

You hated his power, you hated how you can
hear him laugh whenever you cried, and you hated how he would act so innocent and comfort you.

You just absolutely loathed him.

But Death would always come to your room every single night, telling you that you didn't need anyone but him.

He told you in very physical and intimate ways.

You still hated him, despite how amazing his hands were and how he was an expert in making your body feel a lot of things.

"Why don't you just kill me, you know? My life isn't worth living anymore, now that there's no one to love and no one to love me." You asked, looking at the many graves that lied next to eachother, the names written on the tombstones all so familiar to you.

"That hurts my feelings dear... Can't you live for death?" He smirked, hissing as he touched the scartches on his back which you left the previous night.

"Sorry about that.." You apologized as you noticed what he was doing.

"No need to apologize sweetie. Pain is my middle name." He said, brushing his fingertips on the small bruises on you neck.

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