"I'm pregnant,"

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“Get the fuck out Rosario,” I said as she entered my office

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“Get the fuck out Rosario,” I said as she entered my office.


“Because I said so,” I said while standing.

She walked towards as I glared at her. “You've became so cold. What happened to my sweet Lorenzo,” she said

“Get the fuck out of my office,” I said while looking at the door

“I wake up after three years and this is the attitude I get from my man,”

“I'm not your fucking man Rosario. I belong to someone and it's definitely not you,” I said

“Are you sure about that baby?” she asked.

“Very sure. So get the fuck out,” I said

“Maybe a kiss will bring you back to your senses,” she said before kissing me.

The sound of my door opened and she pulled away. I looked at her before looking at the person who opened the door.

My eyes fell on Royalty and I stepped away from Rosario.

Fuck she just came in and saw us.

With the look in her eyes I already do what she's thinking.

“Royalty,” I said and she looked at Rosario.

She then looked at the ground and walked out. Her cub followed her out and I grabbed Rosario's arm.

“What the fuck did you just do!”

I pushed her away and ran after Royalty.



“Don’t call me that!” I shouted and she stepped back.

I ran my fingers through my hair as my thoughts ran wild in my head.

She's pregnant

But she said-


“I wake up three fucking years after being in a coma because of you and your fucking enemies. I lost my parents and I lost my fucking child. And now it's obvious I'm losing my fiance,” she said

“I didn't put a ring on your fucking finger Rosario,"

“But that was the plan wasn't it. That day of the accident you were planning to propose,” she said

“Only because you were pregnant and it turns out I wasn't the one who got you fucking pregnant,” I said

“What are you saying?”

“You were already pregnant when we first met,” I said and she looked away.

“What were you planning to do? Make it look like you gave birth early to disguise your dirty little secret," I asked

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