Chapter 9.

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Scarlett's POV

Sitting in an airport reading Harry Potter brought strange shivers down my spine, inevitably I was experiencing déjà vu. I chewed down on my lip as I tried to concentrate on the scene unfolding on the page but my mind was elsewhere. My main focus was on Laura. Niall and herself were currently rapping along to some track they were playing through his iPhone. They looked like a match made in heaven, I guess you could say I 'ship' it. They included extra hand movements as they really took hold of the song. I was half expecting them to jump up on the tables and serenade each other, which on one side would be entertaining but on the other side also face palm worthy.

I scanned around the waiting area at the gate for the other members of our entourage. Liam and Zayn were posing with what I assumed was a fan for a few photos. I think Liam was trying to reassure the young girl, she seemed fairly nervous. She seemed to relax a little when he pulled her in for one of his famous hugs. Zayn soon followed suit, practically sweeping her off the ground in a back breaking bear hug, you could hear the girls giggle from where I was sat, which was over fifty feet away. I cannot fathom why people say they don't treat their fans with respect or decency.

 I continued to watch the little gathering until my eyes were drawn to something else, technically someone. If I knew fizzy drinks sent Louis into some sort of hyper mode I would have limited him to water. I watched eagerly as he swayed his hips passionately inside the airport shop as he looked for things to buy. When he turned around to face me with a giant pair of love heart sunglasses on, I simply shook my head at him as I managed to keep my laugh from turning into a snort or anything else embarrassing. His mind distracted him to something down an aisle I was unable to see so I turned my attention back to the pages in my hands.

 I wasn't left alone for too long. The seat directly next to me quickly became occupied by a familiar figure. We sat in silence for a while. I continued to grip my book tightly in my hands but my eyes didn't scan the words once. I'd read the series more times than I can count yet the story still enthralled me, except for now. I closed my eyes for a drawn out second before letting out a small sigh. The foot next to me began tapping on the floor, which caught my attention. I looked down at the foot and then to the face of the smirking figure.

 "They're like zoo animals aren't they?" Harry asked rhetorically, referring to our friends whom were currently scattered around the airport. He didn't look at me when he spoke; his eyes remained on the window in front of us.

"You're not so innocent yourself," I lazily replied which drew his attention to me. He let out a small chuckle before he turned back to face the outside world.

 "Are you excited to go skiing?" He questioned, changing the subject.

"I'm not looking forward to falling over, I don't know how much impact my butt can take."

 "You'll be fine," he laughed. "If not, you'll be providing first class entertainment for the rest of us." He continued, nudging my side with his elbow.

 I flashed him an unimpressed look and simply rolled my eyes before smirking. He quickly narrowed his eyes back in confusion. "Watch what you say Styles before I swap your sun cream for shampoo."

 "Not my baby soft face." He gasped, clutching his cheeks over dramatically.

 "What would you do if I replaced your conditioner with hair removal cream or some weird colour dye?" I asked randomly to keep the conversation flowing.

"I'd eat you for breakfast."

 "Oh yeah, I'm sure Scarlett on toast would taste great," I replied with the sarcasm dripping from my tongue.

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