I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 55

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A/N Well, I played this scene down a little because I know there r more younger ppl reading so yes their is a SEX scene but its played down like I said. Well, I hope u enjoy and I didn't want them to fight majorly because of something that was a mistake. Instead I've got something else bigger planned!!!


BTW the reason she does what she does is because she understants it was a mistake just incase u lot might think its unrealistic!!! Anyway enough of me!!! HERE IT IS!!!


Part 55

Chris P.O.V

The minute I got home I ran upstairs, opening the bedroom door for the scent of roses to hit my nose. I walked in slowly and looked around, it looked normal except for the curled up girl in the bed. I rushed over, I wanted to hold her, to kiss her and say how sorry I was but I couldn’t.

I saw the tears stained on her cheeks from the mascara and I noticed her pale skin as her hair slapped across her face.

Her red silk bra was on show but her pants were covered by the sheets.

I sat on the edge of the bed looking down at her, she looked amazing asleep but I could see the pain still in her face.

I gently ran the back of my hand down her cheek pulling the strands of hair from her face. She’d curled them, she must have made an effort for me and there I was, not with her.

Worse, I could only think of one thing, what Jared had said the other night.

Wasn’t this just proof that I was hurting her? Shouldn’t I be the one to stop her from getting hurt? If I love her enough shouldn’t I let her go or fight for her?

I had to, I had to fight for her. I'll never find a girl like her and I've been searching for her for my whole mind so I would have to be an idiot to let her go! It's imposiable not to love her when I see her face and its imposiable to find anyone like her.

I'm a jerk, I won't lie, and I don't deserve her I know that but she fell for me, and I can't blow it, I just can't. She's all I've ever wanted. She should have left, she should still leave and not get hurt but I can't let her go.

My thoughts were torn as she shifted under the covers, a moan escaping her lips as her eyes slowly opened.

Fay P.O.V

I felt that feeling, you the one where someone touches you and you feel like you’re on fire? And the only thing to wake me was when they pulled their hand away. Slowly, I turned groaning as I opened my eyes only to see a blurred person sitting next to me, towering over me.

I closed my eyes again and rubbed at them before sitting up to see them come into vision.

“Chris?” I whispered remembering last night. He gave me a weak smile but before he could say anything, I had my arms wrapped around his neck and my lips were glued to his!

Sure, it hurt what happened but now having him here, seeing him it made me just glad that he was here!

I mean, I was so stupid, what if something had happened to him? But it didn’t make the pain go away completely.

Chris pulled away, his hands cupping my cheek as he looked into my eyes.

“Fay, I am so sorry! I-I- there’s no excuse for what happened. I stayed thinking I’d remember when to leave and celebrated with the guys and I lost count of time and when I remembered I was half drunk and I called your number so many times but it-“

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