An expected events

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"Did something happen? Did my heart-"

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"Did something happen? Did my heart-"

"Royalty it's okay, everything's fine," Saige assured me and I nod.

I sat up on my bed before looking at my doctor.

"What happened?" I asked

"After you were done vomiting your guts out. You fainted on me," Saige said and I nod.

Oh shit

"I'm to be blamed," she added.

"No peanut. I woke up and I didn't feel good," I said before rubbing my temples.

Saige sat next to me and I smiled at her.

"I'm sure it was nothing right?" I said and my doctor stepped forward.

"Your heart seems to be beating perfectly. I ran a lot of tests and everything is completely fine," he said and I smiled.

"Oh and your not pregnant either," Saige said and the doctor walked to the door.

"I can't bare children Saige remember," I said while standing.

"Yes you can. The doctor said you and the donor weren't a match. He didn't say you can't have children," she said after the doctor left.

"I am the problem Saige. A man couldn't get me pregnant twice," I said and she sighed.

Laura and I decided to have baby. I got a donor and he couldn't get me pregnant

"You know what we should go see my gynecologist," she said

"I don't need another person so the can tell me I can't have children of my own," I said.

"If Laura was here she'll explain to you that the doctor- I'm sorry," she said and I nod.

"I'm hungry," I said

"Let's go eat," she said and I nod.

We walked out and went to the kitchen. After having something to eat Saige left.

We reschedule our appointment for next weekend for our day at a spa.

I decided to finish working from home today. After I was done working I picked up my phone.

My fingers heaved over Lorenzo number and I sighed before shutting off my phone. I got up and exit my office.

"Has anyone seen or heard from Melissa," I asked.

"No ma'am she didn't check in this morning," a maid answered and I nod.

I called her cell and she pick up after the second ring.


"Who the fuck is this and why are you calling?"

"Excuse me-"

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