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( chapter twenty. )

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  ANDREA COULDN'T TAKE HER eyes off of the plume of black smoke, a response to the explosion and the very place where Bucky should have been. Pain tore through her chest as she fell to her knees, too shocked to stop the fall. He was there─ he was right there and, so easily, she'd let him fade like the ghost she'd believed him to be.

  Not long after, before Andy could even comprehend what had happened, the group was surrounded by HYDRA agents disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D. The female could only stare at the ground as someone came to cuff her, listening to her heart pounding in her chest. Her mind swam with thoughts and memories of everything she could recall; about Bucky, about his death, and the organization who'd stolen him from her.

  Her sight was slightly blurry due to blood loss, but that wasn't her concern at the moment. It was the fact that she had seen him, that Bucky was alive.

  They were loaded into the back of a car and, as Andrea sat herself down, a chuckle tore her from her thoughts. The female was quick to recognize the rough, sharp sound. Her body tensed as she looked up, eyes burning into Rumlow's taunting face. Had she not been cuffed, she would have torn the smirk right off his lips.

  He leaned in close, a mistake on his behalf. "How does it feel? Knowing that your friend, your husband, has become the monster you never wanted to be." Rumlow's words were quick to send rage rippling through the Jones woman's bones. She turned her head to meet his eyes and hoped he could see the fury she felt.

  He would know then that the next turn of events would be his own fault.

  Swiftly, Andrea pulled her head back before slamming it forward in a hard and fast motion. Her forehead connected with Rumlow's nose and, before he could move back, she brought her knee up to his crotch in a hard blow. Blood gushed from Rumlow's fingers as he reached up to clasp his face, flowing fast. He narrowed his eyes in fury, but his gaze was no match against Andrea's own vicious glare.

  "Call him a monster again," she leaned in close, grinning wickedly when Rumlow stumbled back. "And I'll show you a real one." She seethed before sitting upright, a sneer on her lips. When Rumlow said nothing, too busy clutching his bloody face, Andrea spoke up once more. "You better be thankful that I'm handcuffed right now, because if I wasn't I would do a lot more damage."

  Rumlow's gaze was pure rage as he forced himself up, "I can't wait to get my hands on you." He spat, baring his bloody teeth in a horrifying image.

  Andy smirked, daunting and careless. "I'd like to see you try." Rumlow's only reply was the sound of the back doors slamming shut. Andrea felt her expression fall then as silence enveloped the van. Her gaze fell to the floor and, as blood continued to seep through her clothing, black dots began lining her vision. The Jones woman closed her eyes, breathing a sigh of exhaustion as she did so.

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