Rants, Raves and Other Things

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So I decided to start a rant book and it was really hard to think of a name for it.

"Rant book' sounded so damn boring and overused and so I decided to be a little bit different and create one long ass title for this book (cuz apparently that's the Wattpad trend these days).

So yeah.

RROT is just a book where I can rant about topics ranging from anything Wattpad related to other randoms like tv shows, movies, Youtube and just people and the world in general.

RROT wasn't supposed to be invented, actually. I was going to try booktubing my rants but it didn't seem like a good idea because I can't speak in public for shits. So that dream just went down the drain.

Then I thought, hey, I have a fucking Wattpad account. I should use it to my own advantage.

Thus, RROT was invented.

I guess I should put a disclaimer out there: everything in this book is my own thoughts and opinions about certain things. If you don't feel strongly about these topics as much as I do, or you think my opinion is just bullshit then that's fine by me.

But please refrain from hating on me on this book just because you don't agree with my opinions. Feel free to challenge my opinions but don't go overboard. Some Wattpaders tend to do that sometimes.

So, behold. Rants, Raves and Other Things. The product of my boredom (and insanity)!

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