fOrgiveNess is Like a sundaY tHat yoU wish would neveR finiSh

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He took mE in his arms and toLd me I was his onE anD only.


He made me feel specIal


ONly now I know the truth

HE didn't really care.

His words are foreVer engravred into my heart

If I only I knEw then what I know now

His 'tRuth' was not reality.


Maybe it was all just a gaMe.

To him it dEfinitely was

He liked the Attention

I see that Now

As crysTal clear as glass.


It wAs only ever a game.


I was sTupid to think he cared

I should Have see through the lies

I wIsh I could take it all back

EverythiNg has changed

And now I'm Gone.

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