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* * * *

       Arriving to the baseball field, I get off my bike. Dropping it, I see Bruce! Sighing, I run up to him.

       Today, I agreed to meet Bruce here to practice on improving with my baseball.

       Bruce was kind enough to do the 'meeting up with the couch' thing, for another day.

    Today, I'm focusing on getting better with my baseball.

       Looking ahead, I see going through his bag.

    Walking up to him, I say

       "Sup, Bruce!" Yelling, putting my hands in my pants pockets.

    Bruce looks up from his bag, and smile's.

       "Y/N? Hey! You actually came! And you don't look upset, at all-"

       "I'm not showing it." I interrupt, causing Bruce to let out a little 'oh'.

      Shaking my head, I say

        "Just kidding. Not really. But, still! Next time, Bruce, you need to let me know these type of things. And need to get my permission, first!" Bruce nods, understanding.

        "Ya, I will. Sorry,"

        "It's alright." I shrug,

       Bruce looks up at me, with a smirk

       "Shall we start playing some baseball, now?" Bruce say's, holding up his bat. Smiling, I nod.

        "Let's play."

       Riding my bike through the neighborhood, with Rover. Looking to the side, I see Y/N!

    She's in the baseball field, playing some baseball! But, she wasn't on her own....

       She was on the field, playing with another boy.

       The boy looked familiar! Someone that I've seen, before.

    I recognize that boy! He's the guy that everyone talks about! Well, every girl.

        He's been on TV, multiple times! Even on newspaper's, for being the best baseball player! Here, at Denver. He's everywhere.

        Frowning, I think

       Every girl wants to be with a guy, who has a very good reputation. A guy who is good at playing sports.
    Probably even Y/N, wants to be with a guy like that. With Bruce....

       She's laughing. Smiling, too! She look's happy, with him. That him, not being me. It, being another boy.

Sighing, I shake my head. Looking ahead, continuing to pedal to the grocery store.

"C'mon, boy. Let's get going, ya?" I say to Rover. Smiling, softly.

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