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Today we're having a movie night, so we chose some movies to watch.

Jayla chose : sing
Jaden chose : Rio
Javon chose : scream
Daleo chose : finding dory
I chose : (whatever you want)

We began to watch at 4pm so we could finish all movies the same day.
Of course Daleo can't watch scream so we watch all movies before, then Daleo goes to bed and we watch scream.

Currently it's 2pm. We still have two hours left so we decided to go buy some snacks.

Before we went to the grocery store we wrote a list of things we need to buy.
For it to be faster we are gonna split up into groups of two.
Of course I got with Jaden and Jayla got with Javon.
Daleo was at a friend house till 3.30pm.

As we arrived at the grocery store I looked trough the list.

We need:
- chips (sour cream and sweet pepper)
- gummy worms
- gummy apple rings
- raspberry
- juice (whatever flavor)
- chocolate chip cookies
- dark chocolate
- marshmallow
- cookies (original)
- blueberry
- watermelon
- strawberry

(If you don't like anything of here just change to something you like<3)

"Let's start with the berries." Jaden said with a sigh.


After we got everything we paid and went back to the car, only to see its empty. No Jayla or Javon.

Me and Jaden got ready at 2.37pm.

"Are they seriously still buying this stuff?" Jaden asked kinda annoyed.
"Well, guess it's hard to go shopping, especially with Javon, he surely buys the whole store empty." I said while I laughed a little.
"True." Jaden laughed with me.
"Still they're taking a bit too long, we arrived at 2.10pm here and it's 3.36pm rn." I said getting impatient.
"They're there for over an hour! What can take them so long?!" Jaden said mad.
"I think they are really buying the store empty.."

He then laid his head on my shoulder.

After about 20 more minutes they finally came out if the store.
Jaden even fell asleep while they were gone.
And if I tell you they had bags full of something that they can't even carry it, then i mean it.

I softly woke Jaden up so he won't get woken up by Javons screaming and so he won't get a heart attack.


Finally we arrived back home.

"Now care to explain why you took so long?" I asked with a serious look.
"It was only an hour or something." Javon said confident.
"An hour or something? To be specific 1 hour and 26 minutes." I said with a smirk on my face.
"We're sorry." Jayla said
"But you know how to go buying something with Javon." She whispered to me.

I only chuckled.


Eventually we started the movies.
- fist: finding dory
- second: sing
- third: rio
- fourth: (the movie you wanted)

Then Daleo went to bed and we watched Scream.

It was around 9.30pm or something.

While we were watching scream me and Jaden cuddled. When I got scared I just buried my head into his neck. While his grip around my waist tightened.

While the movie was going he was kissing the top of my head. This made me feel safe.
I ate a gummy worm not to know it was my last one for this night. That's when I fell asleep.


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