Annabeth grabbed the unconscious satyr and I threw the now unconscious Percy over my shoulder and we hauled them inside with ease. What? Don't judge-once you come to Camp they have you hauling two one hundred pound sand bags around the strawberry patches for medical training.

"Where should I put him?" I nodded to Annabeth as she lightly set the satyr on to one of the leather cots.

She gave him a good look over and shrugged. "He doesn't seem to be doing anything abnormal in his sleep-" She then looked me over. "Unlike you, you never explained why you glow in your sleep, you know."

I dropped Percy into one of the cots, flinching when his hand smacked the wooden floor beneath the cot. "Sorry." I whispered to him when he did not wake up.

Annabeth sighed and shook her head at me. "You are supposed to do it gently, we are taking care of them, not damaging them, Olive."

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know. It was an accident." I lightly pulled his hand back on to the cot and smiled-all better.

Annabeth pulled out a clip board and begun to fill out an accident report. "So, you found them? Did you see what happened, or did you just find them unconscious?"

I sat down on a rocking chair next to Percy's bed and grinned, swishing back and forth-these things are the amazing seriously. "Wait-What? I got distracted."

She sighed and began to scribble things down on the paper. "Did you find them like this or did you see what happened?"

"Oh, yeah I saw the majority of it." I kept rocking, I think I am addicted to this chair-it is so amazing and relaxing. "It was a Minotaur." 

Annabeth dropped her pen, and quickly scrambled to get it. "Woah, wait-like the son of Pasiphaë?" 

I cringed, Pasiphaë was a gross story-seriously I had wished that our Greek Mythology class here did not teach that to us. "Yeah, the Minotaur-but don't worry he killed it."

"Didn't Luke teach you not to use their names? It's bad." Annabeth frowned.

"Yeah, but I don't care. It's not like I use their names all the time or anything." I shrugged and returned to rocking myself, I was beginning to get lulled to sleep.

Annabeth just shook her head at me, disappointed.

"So how long do you think these two will be out?" I yawned and rubbed my eyes, trying to fight away the sleep.

Annabeth examined the satyr and nodded. "This one will be up by the morning, if not sooner." She walked over to 'the chosen one' as she called it, and examined him. "However; he could be out for a few days-he was heavily injured," She lightly moved his head to the side so she could see the back. "I will need to bandage that, but you did a nice patch up job."

"How'd you know it was me?" I frowned and stepped closer to look at the pink sealed crack.

Annabeth let his head droop back on to the pillow. "My leg healed the same way-you have the power to heal people." She looked at me over her clip board. "It's from a Apollo-but if you were the daughter of him I think he would have chosen you already-which leads me to think that something bigger is going on here." She shrugged.

I scratched the back of my head and leaned back into the rocking chair. "Well, maybe I am-but I do not know how to use my power fully?" I pretended that I did not know who my parent was, truthfully it was a little confusing. I had two moms and one dad that I've never met and a granddad that did not give a shit whether I lived or died, he just wanted something entertaining to happen. Next thing I'd find out is that I have a twin, or something like that...