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The sun's rays peeked the horizon. Sebastian lay in [F/n]'s bed with his arm wrapped around the young lady next to him. He watched as her chest rose and fell with every breath. [F/n]'s pink lips were parted so air could pass through them. [H/c] locks scattered themselves across the pillow she laid her head upon. Sebastian smiled to himself as he leaned in and kissed her forehead. He got up from the bed slowly. He went to his clothes that rested on the chair in front of the mirror [F/n] used to ready herself for the day. He grabbed his crisp white shirt and buttoned the shirt swiftly. He Then proceeded to put on his waist coat, tie, and coat. After finishing prepping himself, he left the room quietly.

He walked the vast halls trying to make the least noise. He walked down the grand stair case and into the foyer. He looked around to see if any of the other servants were awake. Once he realized no one had woken up, he made a b-line for the kitchen to prepare breakfast. He boiled water for tea, prepared fresh scones, and poached salmon. Sebastian took the trays that the food was on and placed them on a cart to be brought to Ciel and [F/n]. 

 Once Sebastian got the cart up the stairs, he proceeded to walk down the hall to Ciel's room. As he walked he thought about what Ciel was going to say to him. He wondered if he'd be angered with the man for acting the way he did with his master's own sister. Or perhaps he'd let him off with a stern scolding and a slap on the cheek. Whatever happened, Sebastian was prepared. 

 After what felt like an eternity, Sebastian was at the tall mahogany door. He grasped the cold iron knob with his gloved hand and turned it slowly. Sebastian poked his head inside the room. He saw a sleeping Ciel facing away from him. He then opened the door wholly. The lanky man brought the cart of food and tea through the door to the right side of Ciel's bed. He opened up the navy blue curtains to reveal the Suns yellow rays. 

"Young Master it's time to wake up" Sebastian said grabbing the flower patterned porcelain tea  pot and pouring a cup of earl grey. He looked to Ciel who was now sitting up in his bed wiping the sleep from his eyes. 

 Ciel looked up to his raven haired butler and said, "Where is [F/n]?". Sebastian looked to him, handing his master the cup of tea and news paper.

"She is in her room where I left her, My Lord" he answered obediently. Ciel furrowed his eyebrows as he grasped the news paper he held tightly. 

 "Sebastian. Did happened with you and [F/n] last night. I order you to tell me." He sternly said staring at the tall man. 

 "I assure you nothing out of the ordinary happened between the two of us." Sebastian told Ciel. The boy nodded curtly and took a sip of his tea. There was silence except for the noise of Sebastian rummaging through Ciel's closet for an out fit for the young man. 


Okay it's been 3 months and I decided to update. Sorry if I crappily did this chapter. This summer has been hectic and I'm going back to school next week. I'm actually on a trip visiting family now and I need to update one of my other stories. I'll try to make the next chapter not as crappy. Thanks for reading!

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